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 November 17, 2000
Glides Inc. Teams With EnCompass Globalization

 Glides Inc., a provider of multilingual Web content management solutions for mid-market companies, today announced a partnership with EnCompass Globalization that will allow Glides to more effectively help their customers manage the multilingual content of their Web sites. EnCompass, based in Kirkland, Wash., has a long history of helping companies localize websites and software applications for the Asian marketplace.

"EnCompass has been translating and localizing Web sites and software in double-byte character sets longer than anyone else in the business," said Katarina Bonde, president and CEO of Glides, Inc. "As such, they have the knowledge required to address the cultural differences, linguistic subtleties and requirements for doing business in Asia. Furthermore, they have among their clients, an impressive list of companies like Compaq, Microsoft, REI, and Sony."

This partnership strengthens Glides' sales and marketing efforts to potential customers who need support for Asian languages on multilingual Web sites. Conversely, EnCompass gains a foothold in the Web development space by partnering with Glides. EnCompass gains recognition by getting in at the ground level with new Glides customers.

"This partnership with Glides offers us a terrific opportunity to build on our brand and access a new customer base," said Jim Ladd, Chief Executive Officer of EnCompass. "Glides is targeting companies that have traditionally fallen outside the scope of our efforts - smaller companies who want a multilingual presence. Glides' solution gives us a way to address the needs of those customers, many of whom have localization needs equivalent to their blue-chip counterparts. Combining our expertise in translation and localization with Glides' database-driven content management solution UniSite 2000, we offer those companies a one-stop-shop for Web site globalization."

Prior to UniSite, adding each new language to a Web site cost a company almost as much as developing the original site, and often relied on webmasters or other human monitoring to manage the changes to the source site and coordinate translation/localization. With UniSite's database-driven content management software and XML-based translation integration, companies can add as many new languages as they need simply and cost-effectively, and take advantage of a broad range of localization solutions including industry-leading localization partners or leveraging internal resources. A key differentiating feature of UniSite 2000 is its reuse of existing sites - the solution has an open, flexible interface that allows a company to retain its current live Web site hosting situation and development tools.

By offering local content in a local language, EnCompass and Glides both have the opportunity to realize additional revenue from their customers.

Studies have shown that people are more likely to stay on a site longer and make purchases if the site is in the customer's local language.