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 December 07, 2000
Qantas And British Airways Travellers Go Mobile With PCCW

 Qantas and British Airways, were one of the first partners to benefit from Pacific Century CyberWorks and star*home's World Wide Number (WWN) service in Hong Kong on December 1, 2000. International travellers can now contact their favourite airlines by simply keying in their names on their mobile phones.

This unique abbreviated dialing service enables mobile users travelling in Hong Kong to contact any participating company by tapping the company's name onto a GSM mobile phone keypad.

This revolutionary way of dialing allows travellers to forget about area and access codes, overcomes language barriers and all difficulties involved in finding the local offices of globally branded corporations. Hong Kong visitors simply key in the first three-to-five letter abbreviation of the company name.

Instead of having to remember the telephone number of British Airways or Qantas, travellers using PCCW Mobility Services' network*, can now simply dial:

BRITI - 2-7-4-8-4 for British Airways
QANTA - 7-2-6-8-2 for Qantas Airways

"By participating in this unique abbreviated dialing service, we are able to reduce the time and inconvenience of locating local phone numbers for our international travellers," Freddy Li, Country Manager Hong Kong, Qantas/British Airways said.

"This is part of our ongoing commitment to provide innovative and user-friendly services for our visitors to Hong Kong."

To promote this service to Hong Kong visitors, both airlines will make inflight announcements and distribute roaming guide booklets and user guide cards. Fortune cookies, containing reminder details of how to use the service, will also be distributed to travellers.

*Users/International travellers do not need to pay any extra fees but only local airtime.