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 December 08, 2000
Motorola Concept Phone And Excite Planner Wirelessly Synchronize Calendar And Address Book Data Using TrueSync(r) Software

 At the SyncML launch event, Starfish Software, a leading provider of synchronization software and infrastructure solutions for the wireless Internet, demonstrated SyncML-enabled TrueSync(r) technology wirelessly synchronizing address book and calendar data between a Motorola concept phone and the TrueSync-powered Excite SM Planner. This demonstration of seamless over-the-air (OTA) synchronization provided a preview to a series of future solutions from Starfish partners including SyncML-compliant Web-based services, mobile devices of multiple platforms and PC applications. Starfish's built-in SyncML based technology further enhances the value proposition of the TrueSync Internet Planner and synchronization services that ISP and wireless operators will be deploying using Starfish's server technology. Starfish's SyncML-enabled TrueSync solution is expected to be available to partners in early 2001.

Motorola Demonstrates Commitment to Deploy End-to-End Wireless Solutions to the World

This demonstration also provided a glimpse into Motorola's plans to embed SyncML-enabled TrueSync technology into wireless phone platforms as part of a complete end-to-end solution to its wireless customers. Motorola is demonstrating this capability on a dual-band concept phone solution, which has a compelling feature set including intuitive PIM applications for managing personal information.

Starfish's new SyncML-enabled TrueSync solutions will give mobile freedom to end-users by providing TrueSync multi-point synchronization for users' personal data and providing interoperability among all SyncML-compliant products and services, regardless of platform or manufacturer.

Starfish recognized the growing need for a single data synchronization protocol and helped establish the SyncML initiative in February 2000. With the industry-wide proliferation of mobile devices and the evolution of these devices as the major means of information exchange, synchronization of data will continue to be of integral importance. In less than one year, the SyncML initiative has developed and successfully provided the world's first protocol for universal data synchronization of remote and local data. As additional SyncML-compliant data types emerge, TrueSync technology will provide support for these data types as well.

"Starfish is proud to be the first synchronization infrastructure provider to publicly demonstrate SyncML-enabled synchronization. The live TrueSync technology preview today proved that, with built-in SyncML technology, TrueSync will continue to lead in embedding synchronization technology on small footprint devices like the Motorola V series(r) form factor phones as well as on highly scalable servers like the TrueSync-powered Excite Planner,'' said Philippe Kahn, founder of Starfish Software. ''We have seen the growing need for a universal synchronization language and we, along with the other sponsors in SyncML, have delivered the revolutionary specification in less than a year. With SyncML built into the TrueSync infrastructure, we expect see a rapid and massive expansion of the TrueSync universe in a short amount of time.''

"What Starfish and Motorola have demonstrated today clearly shows the value of SyncML OTA synchronization, not just for smart & programmable phones but for all classes of phones,'' said Janiece Webb, senior vice president and general manager, Motorola Personal Networks Group. ''We have invested a substantial amount of resources in SyncML and we look forward to delivering Motorola's first SyncML OTA synchronization wireless device, built into the TrueSync infrastructure, in Q1 2001.''

"This new SyncML implementation to the TrueSync server, which powers Excite Planner, represents our continued commitment to work to provide world-class services that meet consumer demand for access to their information all of the time,'' said Faith Sedlin, general manager communications, Excite@Home.