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 December 19, 2000
easi Solutions World Travel Market 2000 Follow-Up

 easi Solutions plc gave journalists plenty to talk about during WTM 2000 by sponsoring the press working area, in the most successful sponsorship WTM have seen in their 21 years. Jane Larcombe, one of the organisers of the event, said: "It was the most successful, best equipped press centre we have ever had at the event. This was proven from the sheer volume of filed copy by journalists about WTM and its exhibitors throughout the four days."

easi Solutions provided and installed 10 e@si DesktopsTM and one e@si PowerdeskTM, giving the media unlimited access to the Internet through a high speed link. They could check their e-mails as well as print and file copy, on the completely private and secure e@si SystemsTM. The highly successful event for easi Solutions was rounded off with more than 30 individual media briefings on-site, with another 18 journalists attending its press conference.

Direct feedback from the media, from the event, speaks for itself. Here's what they had to say...

Ellen Sarbone, International Photojournalist and Editor of eTraveller Magazine at commented of the e@si SystemTM: "It is great to know that eventually I won't have to drag my laptop with me around the world. What a boon for business travellers!"

Colin Holden, Group Publisher and Managing Editor at Asia Pacific News said: "The e@si SystemTM is a unique system. It has tremendous potential for growth and multi-function use on a global basis. It is a prime example of the way Internet technology is growing and enabling the business traveller."

Roseline Poon, Travel Writer with Tourism Intelligence International had this to say about the e@si SystemTM: "Very efficient and very fast. A real pleasure to work with as it is user friendly. I'd love to see more systems available worldwide, and look forward to having one in my hotel room next time I travel!"

Another member of the press attending WTM, Andy Shaw, Business and Travel Writer for Canada's Hi-Tech Career Journal, was pleased with the facilities: "All Wonderful, except one thing - we need more!"

Julian Ch. Zarb, Editor of Hospitality & Leisure Journal and Cookery & Food Review commented:"Great for corporate clients and the resort traveller. The e@si SystemTM is an ideal way of keeping in touch and with the importance of accessibility today it is something guests look for."

Murray Bailey, Editor of Travel Business Analyst had this to say about the e@si SystemTM: "The system is very good and very convenient for the user. All administration is available on the PC which enables faster and more productive work for me. I am very impressed."

Eddie Koch from the adventure travel publication, Out There Magazine, said: "The office was incredibly hospitable and the system was extraordinarily efficient and full of potential."