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 December 18, 2000
Bluetooth North America 2001: Feb 20-21, 2001, San Diego, CA

 Bluetooth wireless communication technology is about to deliver on its promise. At World Research Group's Bluetooth North America 2001, you will learn why 2001 will be a critical year for Bluetooth. This two-day event will analyze the Bluetooth market & applications, examine standards & connectivity, provide key lessons learned from Europe and answer any bottom-line questions you have about Bluetooth in North America. You will hear Industry perspectives from Radio Shack, The Consumer Electronics Association, Texas Instruments, Audiovox, Red-M, Alcatel, and Silicon Wave, and in addition you will hear from these Bluetooth Special Interest Group members:

- Ericsson - Integrating Bluetooth and WAP in handheld products
- IBM - Aligning standards to maximize the Bluetooth market
- Motorola - Examining the applications that will drive Bluetooth acceptance
- Intel - Rapid advances in Bluetooth
- 3Com - Exploring the true potential in home/consumer-based products
- Toshiba - Notebook communication with Bluetooth

Through case studies and panel discussions, you will gain crucial insight from key Bluetooth experts as they examine cost, performance & security, integration, timing and functionality. An opportunity to hear and network with a full spectrum of industry players, and see why and how over 2,200 companies are implementing Bluetooth wireless technology.

To register, or for more information, call 1800 647-7600, e-mail, or visit: