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 January 19, 2001
Galileo International Showcases Viewpoint and XML Select

 Galileo International, Inc. showcased the customization power of Galileo's Viewpoint to software developers at the premier VSLive! 2001 Conference in San Francisco. VSLive! 2001 is one of the leading and most comprehensive conferences for developers and programmers using Visual Studio, the primary development environment for building applications on Microsoft operating systems.

Galileo Viewpoint, the travel industry's first and industry-leading graphical user interface (GUI) travel management booking solution, was featured in one of the conference's cutting-edge C++ sessions. Members of Galileo's Viewpoint team demonstrated how the product utilizes Galileo's XML Select and XSLT stylesheets to dynamically generate its main GUI within an MFC Windows application, specifically the itinerary display and its many functions. In addition to the demonstration, the session highlighted the unique, market-specific customization potential Galileo programmers have achieved with Viewpoint, utilizing state-of-the-art programming techniques.

"Being asked to present at this conference is quite an honor for both Galileo and our development team," said Chuck Barnhart, vice president, Applications Development. "Our industry-leading work with Viewpoint and XML Select is truly a testament to our commitment to providing our customers with travel solutions that meet their unique needs."

VSLive! 2001's recognition of Galileo's industry-leading travel applications comes on the heels of Microsoft spotlighting Galileo. In November, Microsoft Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates demonstrated to over 12,000 attendees the next evolution of Web Services, highlighting Galileo's Corporate Travelpoint 2.0 in his keynote address at COMDEX 2000. Corporate Travelpoint 2.0 and its trip planning function is a next-generation corporate travel-management solution, leveraging the power of Microsoft Visual Studio.NET and the Microsoft .NET Framework, via Galileo's XML Select and the Internet.