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 January 18, 2001
Galileo Working With EMC To Deliver E-Commerce Infrastructure Solutions

 Galileo International, Inc. announced its newest service offering for the expanding e-business economy - complex Internet and IP hosting operations for companies' mission critical e-business. The new managed hosting services are based on the EMC E-Infostructure, offered by EMC Corporation, the world leader in storage. Additionally, Galileo announced its participation in EMC's exclusive xSPerience Provider Program.

The EMC xSPerience Provider Program is a framework of EMC offerings that enable service providers to fully leverage EMC technology, personnel and programs to achieve their business goals. This tiered service, support and consultation program, based on a service provider's implementation of EMC technology, provides access to EMC expertise in the areas of infrastructure planning and development, product integration and differentiation as well as sales and marketing.

Galileo's Managed Hosting Services

Galileo is providing customers with redundant, reliable and sophisticated system and network solutions based on an EMC E-Infostructure, ensuring optimal performance for customers' e-businesses, now and in the future. The new offering includes fully managed, scalable infrastructure and data storage resources in response to the growing number of customers with advanced, mission-critical, Web applications. One unique feature of the offering is the ability to handle mainframe managed-hosting environments. Galileo will also provide traffic hosting for application service providers (ASPs) in a comprehensive environment for running network-based applications. Services will be provided at Galileo's world-class Data Center near Denver, Colo., a hardened, highly secure environment, operated 24 x 7 x 365.

Quantitude's Telecommunications Services

Galileo is also leveraging its telecommunications network services subsidiary, Quantitude, Inc., to offer a robust product suite to its managed hosting customers, including network services. Quantitude is currently expanding and upgrading Galileo's private global network to a standard TCP/IP platform to deliver global Internet, VPN and telecommunications network services. The combination of managed hosting services and network services together meets customers' wide-ranging information technology (IT) needs through Galileo's and Quantitude's strategic relationship.

Galileo and EMC Relationship

"The increasing need for highly adaptable, flexible and advanced managed hosting services with world-class security continues to grow at a rapid pace and requires businesses to operate on a scalable infrastructure," said Tom Heiser, EMC's vice president of Global Channels. "By offering customers access to an EMC E-Infostructure, Galileo is demonstrating our mutual commitment to service excellence while providing customers the confidence that their information needs will be met as they grow."

"We are combining Galileo's 30-years' experience in managing large-scale systems in our world-class Data Center with EMC's unrivalled storage solutions that are part of the E-Infostructure," said Galileo's James E. Lubinski, executive vice president, Operations. "By offering managed hosting services as a new line of business, we are also creating value for Galileo through a new revenue stream complementary to our core business."

Galileo's membership in the xSPerience Provider Program deepens the company's 10-year working relationship with EMC, which now includes a 100 percent EMC storage environment across all of Galileo's mainframes and open systems platforms, providing better data manageability and superior information about customer data, such as capacity planning and historical analysis. Galileo is a one-year veteran of the EMC Proven(TM) program, which certifies partners and businesses that have invested in best practices for an information infrastructure. Customers and investors of EMC Proven program members have confidence knowing that the necessary enterprise storage resources have been implemented to operate at peak efficiency, adapt to a constantly changing business climate, and easily manage Internet-driven growth.

Industry Perspective

Janet Waxman, IDC analyst and author of Riding the Wave of E-volution: EMC Announces Its E-Infostructure Service Provider Program, said, "The emergence of the service provider market has changed the face of IT management. Companies can now make a choice to handle technology in-house, outsource part of the responsibility, or even outsource all the responsibility via either the Internet or a virtual private network. A growing number of companies are choosing to outsource due to time-to-market issues and a shortage of in-house talent."