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 January 29, 2001
Japanese Version of Adobe InDesign Now Available

 Adobe Systems Incorporated today announced that the Japanese version of Adobe InDesign software is now available. InDesign-J 1.0 is a next-generation page layout and design application developed exclusively for professional publishing in Japan. It is the first viable desktop publishing application that addresses the specific needs of the Japanese market, including support for Japanese text, fonts and grid-based layout. Currently available solutions include expensive proprietary systems and desktop publishing applications that were developed for Roman languages and modified for Japanese users.

"The Japanese desktop publishing market represents a huge opportunity for Adobe, as there are no affordable options developed exclusively for Japanese page layout, leaving more than $200 million in untapped sales," said Bruce Chizen, president and CEO of Adobe Systems Incorporated. "By providing an open solution, we hope to improve the current state of publishing and to extend the options that publishers have for creating their magazines, newspapers and advertisements."

InDesign-J is based on the extensible code base of InDesign. Therefore, it includes a majority of the features from the most recent version of InDesign, as well as numerous advanced features that support both traditional Japanese and Roman layouts, Japanese typesetting, Japanese fonts, text editing, color management and output. It provides a layout methodology specific to Japanese fonts and allows users to manage a precise number of characters for text editing, all on a desktop computer. By using Adobe InDesign-J, designers will be able to achieve high-quality typographical control over Japanese characters and a more productive workflow for digital publishing.

"The availability of the InDesign-J, which controls Japanese text composition is a revolutionary step in the enhancement of desktop publishing in Japan," said Tztom Toda, a leading graphic editorial designer, as well as president of Toda Office, Inc., based in Tokyo, Japan. "Until now, designers had to control text composition manually, but with InDesign-J these processes are completed almost automatically. As a result, InDesign allows me to spend less time on the operations and more time using my creativity and imagination. I believe that the release of InDesign-J will mark the beginning of true desktop publishing in Japan."