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 February 20, 2001
Motorola Delivers Mobile Office Solution

 The new Motorola Mobile Office Solution, launched today, extends the most important functionality of existing critical office applications, to mobile phone handsets.

Motorola's Mobile Office Solution enables users to access their existing corporate Email, Calendars and Address books, direct from their handsets, allowing them to deal with urgent issues efficiently.

The solution is easy to install, satisfies the security requirements of most modern enterprises and interfaces with many popular office applications. The solution enables greatest convenience and efficiency when used with a GPRS phone, such as the Motorola Timeport 260 phone, but it will work with any WAP and SMS enabled device.

"Using the Motorola Mobile Office Solution users can continue to be effective when they are working out of the office," said Ed. Sadowski, senior director and general manager, Internet Software and Content Group, Motorola EMEA. "The Solution is easy to use and install and offer's secure communications; it is a valuable tool for the enterprise and a great application for a service provider to offer their most valuable customers."

The Motorola Mobile office Solution comprises a number of interchangeable components that can be installed according to the unique requirements of each individual enterprise:

Secure WAP Gateway

The WAP Gateway is scaleable, reliable and secure. The gateway connects WAP phones via the internet to the enterprise intranet, supporting all Web servers and working with all WAP microbrowsers including those from Nokia, Ericsson and

E-mail Connector

Today, the E-mail Connector will connect directly with Microsoft Exchange, and all IMAP4 and POP3 e-mail servers. Support of Lotus Notes is scheduled for a future release. Access to the corporate address book for e-mail addresses and other contact details is also supported through the LDAP interface.

SMS Server

Provides automatic notification of received Email (some variation may be seen by carrier network) according to the filtering options selected by the end user.

Calendar Connector

This Calendar Connector has a specially designed user interface to present calendar entries on the mobile screen in a an easy-to-read format, then letting the user navigate their calendar performing all tasks with a minimum of keystrokes.

WAP Site Search Server

The WAP Site Search Server saves incredible amounts of time by enabling users to simply enter a search word or phrase to search any WAP site such as wireless portals and corporate sites -- which could normally be a lengthy process without this search tool.

Internet Newsgroup Connector

This application allows users to, whether it be corporate or personal, exchange information amongst a community of users.

The Motorola Mobile Office Solution can be integrated in all the most popular enterprise systems, including Microsoft Windows NT, Windows 2000, Sun Solaris, HP-UX and Linux. The solution is available in 15 different languages.