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 March 05, 2001
Sony Unveils Network-Ready Installation Projector

 Embarking upon a new frontier in projector design, Sony Electronics today unveiled the VPL-FX50 LCD projector at Presentations 2001 Expo (Booth #2653) in Atlanta. A bold departure from the traditional bulky and boxy projectors commonly found in today's conference and board rooms, the new Sony projector is lightweight and features a futuristic-looking, semi-round shape with center-mounted lens.

"The VPL-FX50 breaks the mold of installation projectors by introducing sleek and sophisticated looks to accentuate the aesthetics and decor of newly built or renovated conference and board rooms," said Jonathan Holmes, marketing manager for the display systems division of Sony Electronics' Broadcast and Professional Company. "By incorporating a symmetrical design that includes a center mounted lens, the VPL-FX50 blends style and substance - representing the future in projector design."

Intended for large screen projection purposes with its 3500 ANSI lumens(1) and 250 watt lamp, the three-panel 1.3-inch LCD projector boasts XGA (1024 x 768) resolution. Holmes said the two projectors can be stacked to increase the brightness to about 7000 ANSI lumens.

The new projector also includes a standard lens which features power shift, zoom, and focus. Additional lenses are available as an option, for a variety of applications including long-distance projections in large auditoriums to short-distance rear applications. At about 23 pounds, it is the lightest of the Sony installation projectors on the market today.

Holmes believes that the projector "takes flexibility to a new level" with the ability to tilt the unit 90 degrees in either an upward or downward direction. This inclination feature is desirable for a variety of uses such as dramatic imaging for advertising and short-throw rear projection applications.

The VPL-FX50 LCD Projector is also one of the first in a series of networkable projectors to be introduced by Sony. For use in either wired or wireless environments, the projector includes a 10 Base-T Ethernet port to connect to a LAN, as well as PCMCIA card slots to interface with PCs on the network. With an on-board microprocessor running the Windows(R) CE operating system, through a network connection, the projector status and functions can be accessed remotely through a web browser thereby allowing different users and locations to run presentations, display images and organize files, as well as change the projector's settings.

Bundled with presentation software tools, the VPL-FX50 also makes it possible to display presentations and connect to the Internet directly via the projector -- without the need for a PC or laptop. For turnkey presentations, the projector can store files in memory so the presenter need only turn on the projector to proceed with their presentation. The projector will also be compatible with Sony's soon to be delivered e-conference(TM) software.

The projector incorporates Dynamic Detail Enhancer(TM) technology and an RGB enhancer to generate video pictures that look rich and crisp. It also features a 3D Digital Gamma correction circuit to produce uniform colors and brightness that extends to all corners of the screen.

With a built-in scan converter, the projectors supports a variety of input sources including, composite, Y/C, component and RGB video, as well as UXGA computer signals. It is also compatible with a variety of HDTV and DTV signals, including 1035/60i, 1080/60i, 480/60p, 1080/24Psf, 1080/50I, 720/60p, 720/50p, as well as supports the direct transfer of digital/analog signals from a PC to the projector via the DVI interface.

The projector measures 18.9 (w) x 6.6 (h) x 19.8 (d) inches and weighs about 23 pounds.