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 March 13, 2001
Quantitude Expands Global Network Into The Asia Pacific Region

 Quantitude, Inc., the global networking subsidiary of Galileo International, Inc., has announced the signing of a contract with Singapore Telecommunications Limited (SingTel) to provide transmission and co-location facilities in the Asia Pacific region for the build out of Quantitude's worldwide TCP/IP network. SingTel will initially provide Quantitude networking services in 56 cities throughout 18 countries in the Asia Pacific region.

Under terms of the agreement, SingTel, Asia's largest communications company, will be Quantitude's "preferred provider" of international transmission services within the Asia Pacific region and between Asia and the US, providing co-location hub real estate, local access, and wide-area transmission services. In addition, Quantitude and SingTel have agreed to explore additional opportunities in the region to maximize the potential of the relationship.

"SingTel, as world-class service provider, shares Quantitude's vision of bringing the best of global telecommunication services to its customers," said Quantitude's Ron Thornhill, president and CEO. "SingTel will provide Quantitude with local expertise and will provide our worldwide customer base with direct access to some of the worldís leading financial centers and trade markets. We see this agreement in the Asia Pacific region as another step in extending Quantitude's unique value proposition of providing the economy and flexibility of the Internet with the security and control of private networks."

"We're glad to play a part in the rollout of Quantitude's impressive global network. We certainly hope to give value propositions to our partners and explore other opportunities in the region to maximize the potential of our partnership," said Lim Toon, chief operating officer of SingTel.

Quantitude will leverage SingTel's established operations in major countries and cities in the region, including India, China, Thailand, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore. This agreement demonstrates Quantitude's commitment to establish 50 key country hubs by year-end, in addition to completing the upgrade of its US network by mid-year and the entire network by 2002. "While our initial network plan consisted of a presence in 107 countries with switching hubs in 300 of the world's largest metropolitan areas, SingTel offers us the opportunity to extend our reach even further," said Thornhill. Quantitude enables a shift in the delivery of global networking as a single source provider, covering 107 countries with consistent quality and end-to-end accountability.