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 June 27, 2001
Malaysia Airlines To Maximize Revenue With Sabre AirMax Product Suite

 Sabre Holdings Corporation has announced a multi-million dollar agreement with Malaysia Airlines to provide the airline with the world's most advanced origin-destination (O&D) revenue management tools for forecasting and optimization of its seat inventory.

Under terms of the agreement, Malaysia Airlines will use the entire suite of revenue management products developed by Sabre, which includes: the Sabre(R) AirMax(TM) automated revenue management system, Sabre(R) Availability Processor(TM) reservations inventory control system, Sabre(R) AirMax(TM) Group Management System and Sabre(R) AirMax(TM) Desktop Analysis Tools.

Yasin Bachik, head of Malaysia Airlines' Revenue Management, stressed the advantages the new suite of Sabre products will bring the airline. "Our ability to make informed decisions concerning flight capacity and group bookings will be increased through Sabre's best-of-breed product offering," he said.

By monitoring reservations, the Sabre yield management systems will provide Malaysia Airlines with the tools to maximize their revenue across the airline's network. The systems will assist in the airline's potential to increase revenue, accelerate daily decision-making and information availability.

"We are delighted to work with Malaysia Airlines to provide a customized system that allows them to selectively choose passenger bookings and adjust inventories up to the day of operation," stated Sam Gilliland, president of Airline Solutions for Sabre.

Product Descriptions

The AirMax revenue management system uses historical and current reservations data to forecast booking activity and automatically set the optimal number of seats in each booking class. The system is available with the following inventory controls:

* Leg/Segment Control - provides optimal inventory based on individual segments

* O&D control - provides true O&D inventory based on the "value" of a passenger in relation to the entire network.

* Virtual Nested control - provides approximate O&D inventory control based on the "value" of a passenger versus other passengers requesting the same segment.

The AirMax Desktop Analysis Tools allow airlines to perform "what-if" scenarios, enabling airline analysts to make informed decisions regarding pricing, revenue management, finance or capacity planning. The system estimates passenger spill, evaluates fare class realignment, and analyzes aircraft configurations and overbooking scenarios.

The AirMax Group Management System is a suite of decision-support modules, tools and sophisticated modeling techniques that allow revenue management and reservations agents to effectively control group traffic. The system performs ad hoc group evaluations, series group evaluations and manages contracts, group tracking and allotment planning.

The Availability Processor is a patented, sophisticated reservations inventory control system that allows airlines to practice true O&D revenue management. As a result, airlines can maximize their revenue by obtaining optimal bid prices. It can also control reservation requests by O&D value in the reservations system, maximizing system-wide revenue.

Currently, more than 35 airlines around the world enjoy the benefits provided by the Sabre revenue management product suite.