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 January 28, 2002
Chinese Horoscopes For The Year Of The Horse From February 12, 2002

 The first day of the first moon after the sun enters Aquarius heralds the Lunar New Year ? the most important festival of the year for Chinese people all over the world. This year the special date is February 12 and, of course, it is a time for new Chinese horoscopes. Read on to find predictions for the coming year - the Year of the Horse - together with tantalizing details of the food served in Hong Kong at this special time and some news of the fascinating customs and traditions observed in Hong Kong to celebrate the New Year.

Horse: 1906, 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002

This year should generally be a successful one with little trouble. People born in the Year of the Horse will be busy at work this year and their dedication will pay off. You are likely to be promoted and given a pay rise in recognition of your efforts, and those working in the financial sector can expect to see great rewards. Horses who manage their own businesses will see their interests expand, and work will take many horses on trips far from home. Beware, however, of your tendency to be egotistical and stubborn, as this could bring you undone. The horse is a symbol of energy and activity, and you can expect there to be much change this year. Many horses will move house, find a new job or change careers entirely this year.

Horses will not find 2002 all plain sailing, however. Because this is the Year of the Horse, people born under that sign will find themselves at risk of hidden danger, most likely to be an illness. The time you will be most at risk is from June to September. You will find yourself more prone to gastric upsets, so should avoid spicy and oily foods and exercise to keep your body in good condition.

Something you might say could also cause trouble, so choose your words carefully and, when in doubt, remember that sometimes it is best to say nothing at all. Strength in your family life will minimise the risk of things going wrong in other areas - the Year of the Horse is a great time for you or your close relatives to get married or have a baby. Try to see more of your family this year, particularly the elderly. It would be a good idea to arrange a birthday meal for someone close, or help organise a reunion.

Horses tend to fall head over heels in love with someone who turns out to be completely unsuitable, and 2002 will be no different. Horses can expect to be popular with the opposite sex, but new relationships are more likely to be false starts than lifelong partnerships.

Ram: 1907, 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991

This will be a prosperous year for people born in the Year of the Ram. Your career will go well and your work will generate a steady income. Rams will find praise from their superiors comes more easily, and those who work for themselves will succeed in their chosen field. Rams will be rewarded for their intelligence and creativity, but this is not a time for a rapid turnaround in your fortunes, so don't expect instant riches and avoid potentially risky investments - hard work is the only way you will make money this year. This is not a good time to lend or borrow money, and many rams will find they waste a lot of their funds on things they do not need.

You must take particular care of your health this year. Any sudden changes in your diet or lapses in food hygiene could spell trouble, and you will be at particular risk of getting sick if you travel to cold parts of the world. You are also likely to be a little accident-prone, so take extra care when hiking, trekking or skiing, or skip strenuous sports entirely. Be especially cautious when driving.

Rams are often shy when meeting new people and do not let others know how they are really feeling until they are firm friends. Try to overcome this and let your natural charm shine through - you can expect to be lucky in love if the people you meet can appreciate your true nature. The Year of the Horse is a good time for single rams and those already married should think about renewing their vows or taking a romantic holiday together to rekindle their romantic flame. An untended relationship runs the risk of running off track, as an outsider may tempt some rams - or their partners - into infidelity. This does not mean you need to feel insecure, however. You are naturally kind and sensitive to your partner's needs and if you do not take them for granted the relationship should run smoothly.

Monkey: 1908, 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992

The Year of the Horse will not be a good one for many monkeys. While they may succeed at work and earn extra money, there is trouble on the home front. You can be a charming and energetic partner but often struggle to imagine yourself in the other person's shoes. This means you easily find yourself causing unintended harm through your thoughtlessness and sly behaviour. Do not be surprised if your partner fails to see the funny side of your antics! Many monkeys are likely to see fireworks in their relationships this year. You should try to deal with problems calmly and systematically, and resist the urge to have an argument.

You will be particularly susceptible to infection in the Year of the Horse, so avoid any unnecessary contact with people who are ill. Although it will be hard, you should also try to limit your consumption of alcohol. Monkeys' family members are also at risk of illness this year, so try to encourage them to improve their diets and take better care of their bodies. Set a good example! If you take up volunteer work or donate to charity, you may limit any damage to you and your family's health.

The news is not all bad. Many monkeys will make a change for the better at work as new and unexpected opportunities arise and bring the promise of greater financial stability. Overseas travel could be involved. Monkeys often enter the jewellery industry, which will prosper this year under the influence of the Horse. Writers and others who work with paper or in publications will also be particularly successful. For monkeys in the engineering field, however, there is likely to be little advancement, as industries related to metal and heavy machinery are in conflict with the Year of the Horse.

While they are sociable and witty, monkeys tend to be restless and at times lack focus. Monkeys who are studying will be easily distracted this year, and should try particularly hard to concentrate. Do not blame those close to you for any difficulties you encounter - eventually things that once seemed impossible to understand will fall into place.

Rooster: 1909, 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993

This is an excellent year for those born in the Year of the Rooster, both at work and in romance. You will find that the right people come along at the right time, either with advice and business opportunities, or with the perfect blend of qualities to be your ideal partner in life.

The Year of the Horse is a great time for roosters to apply for a more senior job or expand their business into new areas. You can afford to be aggressive in pursuing your ambitions, and are likely to make more money in 2002 than you in past years. This is not to say that success will come easily. You will have to work hard and others may try to take credit for your ideas, but eventually your tenacity and energy will bring their rewards.

Roosters should try to avoid arguments with their colleagues this year. You are known for speaking your mind, but there will be times this year when it is best for you to bite your tongue. If you are a dentist or work in fashion or insurance, you are likely to see particular success at work. Those roosters who are actors, musicians and dancers will not fare quite so well, as the entertainment industry is in conflict with the horse.

Roosters tend to attract many potential mates, and many will find their perfect match this year, most likely someone you were involved with previously and passed by. The Year of the Horse is a great time for roosters to marry, but not remarry! Those who are already married may find for a change their relationships threatened by romantic advances from someone else! Although you relish the attention and thrive on being admired, you are generally a secure, level-headed partner. This time you don't want to drive away those closest to you by having an affair.

You may be prone to accidents this year, particularly sporting injuries, so take extra care or tone down strenuous exercise. Like many people of all signs this year, you will be susceptible to skin and respiratory conditions and some roosters may experience heart or circulatory problems.

Dog: 1910, 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994

People born in the Year of the Dog are in for an incredible year. Work will go smoothly, your love life will blossom, and you are unlikely to suffer major illnesses. Many dogs will find they make lots of money in 2002 through hard work and canny investments. If you work in the property market or are thinking of buying a new home, the influences of the horse will be particularly beneficial to you. Your resourcefulness will pay off at work this year, and you will win praise from your colleagues and probably a promotion or pay rise. If you run your own business, now is the time to expand, branch out into other areas and make any tough decisions that you may have been worrying about.

The dog's harmonious relationship with the horse means you will do well in the love stakes this year. You are sometimes stubborn and reluctant to forgive and forget, but keep an open mind and you will see someone just waiting to shower you with affection! This is the ideal time for single male dogs to get married, but females are more likely to hold out on their "master". Those who are already married may be tempted to have an affair.

Any arguments or differences of opinion that you carry over into 2002 will gradually disappear. Dogs have a tendency to hold a grudge against people they feel have crossed them, but you should try to see that those who disagree with you do so often with the best intentions. Keep a lid on that temper and bite your tongue sometimes - you yearn for stability in your relationships and this is best achieved by taking time to listen to the other person.

Most dogs will be free of serious health problems in the Year of the Horse. While blood and heart problems will plague those born under other signs, dogs are likely to suffer only minor ailments. Skin irritations and sports injuries are the most likely to arise, so pay attention to your diet and take care when exercising.

Pig: 1911, 1923, 1935, 1945, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995

People born in the Year of the Pig will have a fantastic year under the influence of the horse, and can expect great things at work and at home. Your career will go spectacularly well and you can expect money to come more easily this year, allowing you to indulge in some of the little luxuries you crave.

For those glamorous pigs in the entertainment industry, 2002 could be the year they become famous. The business itself is likely to stumble through 2002 because it is a fire industry and clashes with the fiery horse, but pigs could well find their lucky break among the gloom. Pigs often go into farming, and those in the agriculture industry will find that they too are in for a particularly good year. It is important, however, to keep your head down and do things strictly by the rules. Resist greed and put your money where it will be safe. This is not the time to plunge your newfound wealth into potentially risky investments.

You will find throughout the year that just when things look like going wrong - either at work or in your personal life - someone comes along with a gem of advice to set you back on track. The Year of the Horse is likely to bring good things to your love life, provided you avoid petty arguments and be prepared to compromise. Partners of pigs often find their stubbornness infuriating. Pigs are, however, forgiving of others' faults and are hopeless romantics, so if tensions do boil over, it is the pigs patching up the relationship.

Your health will generally be strong, but watch out for injuries caused by minor household accidents, especially burns. You may also find yourself feeling exhausted from work - the long hours will take their toll, so watch your diet, make time to exercise and have regular facials to keep yourself gorgeous.

Rat: 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996

If you were born in the Year of the Rat, you are in for a tough 12 months. Your sign is in conflict with the Year of the Horse, which means you are likely to face a series of conflicts and upheavals, particularly between January and May. This clash with the horse will bring movement and change for many rats, who can expect to switch jobs, move house or go travelling this year. You should try to avoid taking trips directly south, especially in the middle of the year, as the rat-horse conflict will be particularly strong at this time. It is a good idea for rats to carry a pendant bearing the image of a goat this year to try to minimise the ill effects of these influences.

Rats are known for their charm and quick wit, but this is unlikely to serve you well in the love stakes this year. Although you are a passionate, loyal lover, your tendency to criticise others could be your undoing. Try to be more tolerant this year - let minor irritations wash over you and resist the temptation to argue. Listen more and be prepared to compromise. If you do get lucky in love, you may find yourself paying for your good fortune on the business front. You are unlikely to make great advances in your career this year, even though you often have an eye for new opportunities. Use this talent carefully and do not give in to greed. This is a bad time to change jobs for an increase in salary, make risky investments or engage in speculation - any money you make will be hard-earned the old-fashioned way - but your money fortunes are likely to pick up when winter comes.

Some rats will be accident-prone or, like many people of all signs this year, suffer blood-related disorders. Others should be on the lookout for digestive problems. The Year of the Horse is the perfect time to reduce your alcohol consumption and give up smoking, even if this means restricting your busy social life by going out less.

Ox: 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997

This will be a fairly good year for most oxen. You are likely to be lucky in love and at work, but you need to keep a close eye on your health. This is a good time to be starting a new job or launching your own business. If you stay in your current job, you could well be in for a pay rise or promotion, which is most likely to come in the late summer. Beware, however, of potential risks in business, particularly when choosing partners for new ventures. You are often impatient to get new projects going, but a slower, more methodical approach will work best for you this year. Many oxen like to work with their hands or in technical jobs, and those in the agriculture, property and mining industries can expect to fare better in business this year because these are considered wood industries, which work in harmony with the horse, a fire sign. Engineers and metalworkers may be less fortunate because metal clashes with the fiery horse.

The Year of the Horse is likely to bring happiness in matters of the heart. Oxen can expect to find romance and love this year, though some oxen will find themselves pursued by two lovers at the same time and be faced with a difficult decision. If already in a relationship, this would be a good year in which you marry. Although you are not usually the most romantic of people, you are an honest and reliable partner who is likely to find the right match this year.

You will generally be healthy this year but may be prone to stomach bugs, so be sure to prepare your food carefully and steer clear of unusual or exotic tastes, especially when you are travelling. If there are sick people around you, you will be susceptible to picking up their germs, so pay strict attention to hygiene and avoid any contact with people who are ill unless it is absolutely necessary.

Tiger: 1902, 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998

People born in the Year of the Tiger are in for a prosperous year. Although you will have to work hard and may not see instant rewards for your labour, you will eventually reap the financial benefits of this year's efforts. Your career prospects will be particularly good if you are a civil servant or your work involves international travel, especially if you travel in or to Asia. Your energy and competitive nature will help you in the job market, and you can afford to be a little more aggressive than usual in business this year. Tigers often become writers, actors and musicians, and some will find that this is the year they become famous. If money does come your way, don't forget those less fortunate - consider taking up charity work this year and your kindness will not go unnoticed.

The fire of the horse is expected to improve the property market this year, but tigers should take extra care with financial matters during spring and autumn, as complicated legal issues may arise. These must be handled with the strictest attention to detail if they are to succeed, so suppress your hot temper and impulsiveness, and follow the advice given by those trying to help you. Tigers are strong and courageous, so even if things do go wrong you will bounce back ready to tackle new challenges.

The Year of the Horse is not a particularly strong one for young tigers looking for love. You will make good friends and have fun, but new romances this year are unlikely to lead to long-lasting relationships. You may be better off concentrating on your studies or career and putting the heartstrings on hold for a while.

Your health will generally be good this year, but tigers who live in big cities may be prone to respiratory ailments or skin conditions brought on by air pollution, and those in risky careers should take particular care to guard against workplace accidents. Some famous tigers will have heart trouble this year.

Rabbit: 1903, 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999

People born under the sign of the rabbit are in for a great 2002, especially female rabbits. The Year of the Horse is likely to bring wealth and power to those industrious rabbits having a busy time with plenty of opportunities to make money, especially in international dealings. New businesses will thrive this year if you are determined to make it work, and you may see strong returns from investments made in previous years. Your intuition and intelligence will give you the right tools for financial success but this is not a good time to gamble - stick with steady investments and hard work. Rabbits often enter the fashion industry, which will fare well this year under the influence of the horse. Writers, judges and people in administrative roles will also have a particularly good year.

Women can expect to make exceptional progress in their careers. The Year of the Horse will bring you in to contact with influential people, and you are likely to get promoted and be given more responsibility at work. Your talent for diplomacy will be put to good use this year. Rabbit men will do well at work if they stay focused on the job, but there may be temptations to stray from the straight and narrow.

This is generally a good year to get married or have a baby, but some rabbits may find they have problems with their hormones or reproductive systems, and some of their elderly family members may fall ill. Some rabbits will find themselves arguing more with their partner. They should resist their tendency to be overly possessive, and single rabbits should be patient - a secure and loving partner will come along in good time. Rabbits love to have a good time and can sometimes be selfish in their pursuit of fun without imagining that they are hurting someone they love. Men, particularly, should be careful in their personal relationships or risk upsetting people close to them.

Dragon: 1904, 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000

This is not a good year for people born in the Year of the Dragon. Mind every step you take this year, whether in business or your personal life, as people and circumstances are waiting to catch you out. Dragons are resourceful and inventive, but can sometimes be so self-assured that they seem arrogant and aggressive. This year, you need to swallow your pride a little and accept help from others, particularly in business. Dragons should expect changes and upsets in their career and in financial matters, and those who run their own businesses may face substantial losses. Plan every move carefully, and recognise that people around you have some sound advice. Many dragons will thrive on the challenges this year throws up, as they prefer a demanding and invigorating test of their mettle to a dull nine-to-five routine. A return to prosperity will come eventually, and things may start to pick up as early as autumn. For dragons who are engineers or involved in computer technology, this year will be a particularly poor one - industries related to metal elements tend to fare worse than the rest of the economy under the influences of the horse.

Dragons will generally be spared major health problems this year, but will be prone to minor illnesses and accidents, especially while driving or taking an international trip. In their efforts to keep a struggling business in the black, some dragons may find themselves under extreme stress or suffering from fatigue. Like many people of all signs this year, dragons may find they have trouble with their skin and pollution may bring on respiratory ailments such as asthma.

In the love stakes, dragons can sometimes find it difficult to form close relationships because they are so independent and self-sufficient. For many dragons, however, this will be the year that they meet the right person, someone on the same wavelength who stimulates their mind. When you find them, they will recognise your best qualities immediately so you should resist the urge to boast. Steer clear of clubs and bars, especially in late spring and summer - your mate is unlikely to be found there!

Snake: 1905, 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001

This is a good year for people born in the Year of the Snake, especially in business and affairs of the heart. Your hard work is likely to earn you praise from the boss and you may well get promoted. For people who run their own businesses, it will be a year of great expansion and prosperity, provided you are meticulous in your planning and are careful about who you share your plans with. Snakes are cunning and at times manipulative, and your discreet manoeuvring will pay dividends in the workplace.

Snakes working in the entertainment industry may not find the going quite so easy this year, however, as this trade relates to fire and the fiery horse is in conflict with it. But those in the jewellery and gem trade can expect 2002 to be particularly prosperous. The Year of the Horse is a dangerous time to take out a loan or guarantee a debt for anyone else, and some snakes - particularly women - may find the extra money they make this year is spent as quickly as it arrives. All snakes, but especially women, should avoid buying anything that is not essential, and should steer clear of speculative investments.

Single snakes will find they are never short of admirers and those who are married may be tempted to indulge in an affair. You are a compassionate partner, but can become jealous and possessive of your lover, so try to trust your partner and they will trust you. In all your dealings, remember to show respect and avoid getting into an argument. Don't let your pride and occasional stubbornness offend other people - subtlety will win out.