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 February 13, 2002
Wireless Village Releases Initial Specifications

 Wireless Village, the initiative sponsored by Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia, and over 100 other Supporters, has announced the release of the Wireless Village version 1.0 specifications, which will enable interoperability of mobile instant messaging and presence services (IMPS). The Wireless Village version 1.0 specifications are a powerful catalyst for promoting universal interoperability between mobile- and
fixed-network instant messaging and presence services. In addition to presenting the specification, the Wireless Village initiative will demonstrate interoperability across the features and functions provided by the Wireless Village version 1.0 protocols, using mobile phones, mobile computing devices, PCs and server products developed by participating Wireless Village Sponsors and Supporters.

Products and services compliant with the Wireless Village specifications will offer consumers mobile freedom by providing interoperable, feature-rich mobile instant messaging and presence functions on wireless devices. Consumers and business professionals alike will be able to view presence information, share content, send instant messages including multimedia, and join in community chats on their mobile terminals regardless of time or place. Presence information greatly enhances the utility of instant messaging because it can keep track of the online status and availability of the user's chat partners or friends.

Interoperability will be possible via mobile phones, mobile computing devices and desktop applications through bearer independent application protocols, leveraging such transports as SMS, WAP, and HTTP, regardless of platform or manufacturer. These open specifications will enable device manufacturers, application developers, wireless operators, and portal operators to introduce commercial Wireless Village compliant products and services beginning in 2002. "The Wireless Village initiative is proud to deliver this exciting technology based on open standards and enabling a complete set of interoperable features among mobile terminals, PCs and server infrastructures. As services providing rich content, such as MMS, develop in all markets, the Wireless Village specifications will significantly contribute to the mass-market adoption of mobile communication using instant messaging and presence based services. The entire industry will greatly benefit from the success of the Wireless Village initiative," said Frank Dawson, the Chairman of the Wireless Village initiative.

"After 10 months of hard work, the Wireless Village initiative has shown that it has fulfilled its commitments to deliver the 1.0 specifications on time. Ericsson has demonstrated its leadership role in developing next generation IMPS solutions based on the Wireless Village specifications. In strong cooperation with SonyEricsson, we will deliver a new set of applications and services that deploy to 2G, 2.5G, and 3G networks," says Jan Lindgren, Vice President, Ericsson Internet Applications.

"This specification gives us the ability to give our customers what they want--interoperability," said Mike Bordelon, corporate vice president and general manager of Motorola's Internet Software and Content Group. "Motorola is a constant champion of open standards to drive adoption of mobile data services, because open standards result in technology that's easy for consumers to use and enjoy. Instant messaging with presence is a great example of how the industry can simplify communication."

"The launch of the Wireless Village specifications is a major step, providing a good foundation for Nokia for developing best-of-breed IMPS solutions for 3rd Generation environments. These specifications also enable attractive offerings for operators, as they contribute to building globally interoperable and user-friendly mobile Internet services over a broad array of servers and terminals," said Jouko Häyrynen, vice president, Forum Nokia.