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 April 08, 2002
Handspring Launches Treo Communicator In Malaysia

 Handspring, Inc., a leading innovator in handheld computers and personal communicators, has announced availability of the company's new integrated wireless products, the Treo 180 and 180g, to customers in Malaysia. Treo is a compact communicator that combines the functions of a mobile phone and a handheld computer with Web browsing and text messaging. Treo can be purchased for RM 2549.00 at selected mobile outlets and IT retail stores nationwide at launch. "Treo is a compact communicator that provides an intuitive transition for wireless customers from voice-only usage to the benefits of voice and data combined," said William Holtzman, Handspring's vice president of International. "We intend to lead innovation in this category of products and work with network operators to provide a new kind of wireless experience to their customers. We look forward to working with Celcom in Malaysia as they share our vision of combining integrated wireless devices with next generation services."

"We are pleased to be Handspring's partner in bringing Treo to Malaysian customers. The product supports our new corporate direction and vision of Mobility Solutions. Treo's ability to integrate communications with PDA functionalities makes it a distinctive convergence product and a good fit for our 3G strategy", said Zubir A. Rasid, senior vice president, Group Corporate Planning and Product Development.

Treo is currently available in two versions: the Treo 180, featuring a built-in keyboard for text input, and the Treo 180g for those who prefer Graffiti text input. The product is designed for anyone who carries multiple mobile devices - phones, pagers or handheld computers - and is looking for a way to simplify communications with one powerful tool. Even for mobile professionals who rely only on cell phones, Treo brings a greater level of usability, convenience and value by adding a powerful organizer and advanced wireless data applications while maintaining the compact size and weight of a phone.

Handspring will continue to work with GrandTech to provide marketing support, technical service and local representation in the market.