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 August 29, 2002
Cathay Pacific Airways Signs On With Shepherd Systems

 Shepherd Systems, a subsidiary of Galileo International and a leading provider of marketing intelligence software and services for the travel industry, has announced the addition of Cathay Pacific Airways (CX) as a new client for its Marketing Information Data
Transfer (MIDT)-based solutions.

Cathay Pacific will be processing its MIDT data through Shepherd Systems and using some key components of Shepherd's Market Intelligence Online (MIO) suite of systems, which effectively integrates an airline's distribution, marketing and sales efforts in pursuit of increased market share and revenue. The suite is comprised of executive monitoring tools, mid-management control tools, sales-force automation, incentive-creation tools and an audit-control system. "We spent a lot of time evaluating solutions to automate our sales and reporting processes," said James Barrington, executive vice president of Cathay Pacific. "This convinced us that Shepherd Systems truly has the most advanced solution in the business. During the evaluation process, they consistently were able to show Cathay Pacific areas of revenue improvement on a consistent basis and in a manner that was simple, quick and easy to translate into action for our sales team."

"MIDT forms the basis for major strategic and tactical decisions for airlines and is unmatched in the business insight it provides," said Mike Malik, president and CEO of Shepherd Systems. "Shepherd Systems couples the MIDT with revenue, service quality and flight schedule data and presents the results through a set of online systems that provide the airline with a formidable decision-making tool. Our MIO suite uses the methodology of identifying 'top markets' globally and helps create an overall strategic and tactical sales plan to maximize revenue for the entire airline."

The Marketing Intelligence Online suite of systems includes:

Worldmaster - A system designed specifically for the senior executive of an airline that draws on multiple data elements, such as bookings, revenue, incentive costs and Quality Service Index (QSI), to provide a global picture of the airline's performance. WorldMaster clearly and definitively determines an airline's greatest sales opportunities by quickly displaying revenue lost to a competitor, lagging market share based on QSI performance, or other measures of the airline's choosing.

Marketmaster - A system designed for the mid-to-senior sales management team based on origin and destination analysis. This system monitors booking performance and individual travel agency account performance to drive incremental revenue. MarketMaster highlights opportunities for increased revenue by targeting more specific and aggressive marketshare objectives. It also provides detailed travel analyses that can assist airlines in making business decisions regarding scheduling and network planning.

Salesmaster - A new generation sales management system for the airline sales representative with monthly alerts based on competitors' and QSI performance or other measures of the airline's choosing. SalesMaster will direct an airline's sales force and marketing efforts to focus on the agencies and markets that offer the best opportunity to increase revenue.

Moneymaster - A global monitoring system that allows an airline to analyze average yield by market using estimated and/or actual revenue. MoneyMaster enriches MIDT in a powerful way to direct the field sales organization based on the most attractive incremental revenue opportunities.

Moneybox - An advanced commission and incentive modeling system that maximizes the ROI on airline incentive expenditures by improving controls for the creation, monitoring and management of incentives based on system-wide benchmarks.