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 June 23, 2004
inter-touch Launches Its Global 'Centre Of Excellence'

 inter-touch, a leading provider of fast, convenient, reliable and secure wired and wireless Broadband services to the business traveller across Asia Pacific, China, the Middle East, Africa and Europe, has announced the launch of its 'Centre of Excellence' in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

In development for over a year and at an outlay of greater than $1 million (USD), the Centre of Excellence is a significant investment by inter-touch in the interest of providing unparalleled service to its Hotel partners and business travellers across Asia Pacific, China, the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

John Houston, CEO of inter-touch said, "Wired and wireless Broadband connectivity is rapidly becoming a 'must have' for the prestigious Hotel partners we supply to and for the business travellers they serve. inter-touch is experiencing exponential growth both in the Hotel rooms connected to our Global Broadband network and also in customer usage which is seeing 100% growth year on year and will exceed 3 million customer connections this year alone. This strategic investment will deliver unparalleled service levels to our global customer base and is a major vote of confidence in Malaysia where we have consolidated our Global Broadband Network".

The Centre of Excellence is a strategic merger of three important functions within inter-touch's global operations, namely, the Call Centre, the Global Network Operations Centre and Research & Development. The co-location of these functions means that our customers' needs can be addressed instantaneously by skilled technical staff 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and in several languages including Cantonese, English, Japanese, Korean, Malay and Mandarin. Additional languages, such as Arabic, are being added. Houston further added: "Imagine you are a business traveller, having just arrived at your Hotel in a foreign country late at night, and you cannot connect to the Broadband service. You want to be able to phone someone who can help you in your native language, regardless of the time of night. You certainly don't want someone to call you back in 3 hours, you want the problem fixed right now while you are on the phone, no matter if it is a simple cable problem or a more complex networking issue. Our team at the Centre of Excellence is able to manage network, security, virus scanning and customer connections, right down to a Hotel room plug in point. This is the concept behind inter-touch's Centre of Excellence".

inter-touch's Centre of Excellence is an industry first featuring the latest call centre and network control technology and serves inter-touch's network of 50,000 Hotel guest rooms across 28 countries.