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 June 27, 2004 International Edition Launches Downloadable Desktop NewsTicker International Edition web site has launched a downloadable news ticker. With this innovative addition to the web site, online users are able to get immediate and continuous access to CNN breaking news and top headlines on their desktops in the form of a rolling news ticker.

This desktop news ticker carries CNN breaking news, and headlines of top world stories, business and sports news, allowing users to stay up-to-date with news from International Edition. Each news headline on this rolling ticker has a direct link to the full story on the web site. Additionally, users can choose to visit different sections of the site by clicking at the CNN logo on the ticker.

Downloadable at, this new feature on International Edition is sponsored by Cathay Pacific, one of CNN's longest-standing media partners in the Asia Pacific. International Edition is CNN's first internationally focused English-language web site. The site features top world news and business stories with separate sections for in-depth Asian and European news. Other sections include travel, entertainment and technology, all tailored for an international audience. International Edition is produced by CNN journalists in Hong Kong, London, Atlanta and Sydney, working closely with the Atlanta team that produces the US edition of, as well as CNN's local language sites around the world and with full and immediate access to the newsgathering material generated by CNN's 39 bureaus worldwide.