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 June 01, 1999
TRAVELOCITY.COM TAKES THE CHANCE OUT OF FINDING THE LOWEST FARES, the online travel expert from Sabre, has introduced a new, industry-first, best fare finder feature. With this feature, interprets complicated fare rules and takes the consumer directly from the fare to the flight by showing them which days to travel in order to get the lowest fare.
Best fare finder searches for the lowest fares and displays them in an interactive calendar that highlights the days the fares are offered. Members can then select their preferred travel dates by clicking on the calendar.
Based on availability, best fare finder will list the flights and times that qualify for the lowest fare.
"Until now, finding the lowest air fares on the Internet has often felt similar to playing the slots in Vegas - a game of chance," said Terry Jones, chief information officer of Sabre. "With our new best fare finder feature, we eliminate the guesswork by showing the actual dates fares are offered. Never before have consumers had this much control over their travel plans."
This feature is accessible through the following areas:
* FareWatcher Email - With this free email service, members can monitor up to five different destinations and emails them each time the fare changes by $25. The new best fare finder feature now allows members to go directly from the email to an interactive calendar, highlighting the dates the fare is offered.
* "Book A Flight" reservations path - From the homepage, members click on "Book A Flight" and then select the best fare finder search option.
* Best fare finder on the homepage - An animated directory on the homepage highlights the lowest fares for the most popular cities booked by customers. Members can now view the dates these low fares are offered using the best fare finder feature.
"Our customers told us they were willing to be flexible with their travel dates in order to get the best fare," said Jones. "Now, with best fare finder, if there is only one flight on one day offering the lowest fare, will find it."
A version of the best fare finder feature also is available through the more than 40,000 travel agencies using the company's computer reservation system.