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 February 09, 2000

 Maritz Travel Company has announced an arrangement with Cellhire USA LLC to provide multinational clients with an easy and cost-effective way to have a wireless phone while traveling abroad.

It's a common problem...when travelers go abroad they are faced with the communication challenges inherent in time zone differences, language barriers, surcharges and phone systems that are not on par with Western standards. To minimize these communication challenges, Cellhire provides clients with one wireless phone and one number that operates around the globe. Complete with voicemail, international travel adapters, and 24-hour global customer service, Cellhire's wireless solutions enable customers to lower travel expenses while increasing productivity.

"At the request of our clients, we are steadily adding more nontraditional services to our suite of products," stated Jack O'Neill, VP of Airline Programs & Marketing Services for Maritz Travel Company. "Adding a wireless service solution was a natural step to help clients realize the savings and convenience from this alternate communications option," continued O'Neill. Similar to other value-added partner products offered by Maritz, Cellhire was chosen as the top service provider in this category. O'Neill added,"The extensive research performed on this and other partner products soon to follow should save our clients a significant amount of time while offering them a very competitive pricing package."

Cellhire USA provides international wireless solutions for corporate and leisure travelers alike. Specializing in GSM (Global System for Mobiles) rental, Cellhire also maintains an extensive fleet of North American, Japanese, Korean rentals and satellite equipment to keep travelers connected around the world.

Additional services include: data cards enabling connection to computers, GSM handset-only rentals, as well as two-way, group-talk radio rentals.