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 January 19, 2000

 The Asian Wall Street Journal has announced that it will publish a new monthly third section, TECHNOLOGY JOURNAL, beginning January 24.

"Technology Journal's main aim will be to explain and illustrate the impact of technology on business, society and people," said Reginald Chua, Editor of The Asian Wall Street Journal, "It will also focus on new gizmos, corporate developments and high-tech entrepreneurs."

To ensure comprehensive coverage of this key area, the Asian Journal has significantly increased the number of reporters devoted to technology issues. The technology team has grown from three journalists early last year to seven now. And the Asian Journal plans to add another two soon - bringing to nine the total of Asian-based journalists devoted to following how new technologies, ideas and business models are affecting the way business is being done in Asia, and around the world. In addition, the Asian Journal will draw on the expertise of technology reporters at The Wall Street Journal, The Wall Street Journal Europe and The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition around the world.

This new section confirms The Asian Wall Street Journal's strong commitment to technology matters. The newspaper already runs at least a page of technology coverage every day. It also runs each week a column on Asian technology and Walter Mossberg's popular Personal Technology column. Last year, the paper published eight special reports on technology, focusing on such key areas as telecommunications, e-commerce, and the internet. The Journal will also continue to publish some special technology reports along with Technology Journal.