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 November 15, 1999

 Devlin Applied Design, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Envoy Communications Group, has announced the launch of an e-commerce site making its one of a kind Decision Room application available for rent online. As a rentable application, Decision Room is available at US$19.95 per user per month.
Decision Room is a unique online collaboration tool that transforms the way team members, suppliers, business partners, clients and customers work together. Decision Rooms are password-protected web sites designed for specific industries or business functions where teams can receive or deliver information, discuss and debunk issues, and make decisions without having to leave their desks.
"In the wake of recent news from large software developers announcing plans to offer online versions of their own applications it is clear that the Application Service Provider (ASP) market is on the rise," said Catharine Devlin, president and CEO, Devlin Applied Design. "Decision Room, which has already undergone extensive testing for its online feasibility is now up and running for customer use on the web and available to rent. We are thrilled to be in a position to capitalize on this growing market," she added.
Devlin has developed customized versions of Decision Room designed to meet the specific needs of a variety of vertical markets, including: advertising agencies, associations, design, event planners, interior design, media, annual meetings, and public relations firms.
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