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 November 15, 1999

 Wireless phone users won't find a better deal than Cantel AT&T's new Digital One Rate promotion which enables users to place calls to anywhere in Canada, the U.S. or Hong Kong, for one low rate. A plan
that is truly globalizing the wireless phone industry.
"We're eliminating roaming charges for our customers who travel across the Canadian border," said Mr. Dekkers Davidson, President, Ontario Region, Rogers Cantel Inc.. "Just in time for the busiest travel season of the year, Rogers Cantel is providing one more reason to be sure to pack you Cantel AT&T wireless phone. From November 1, 1999 to January 31, 2000, there is no charge for calls made and received by Digital One Rate customers while in the U.S. for up to 250,600 or 1,500 minutes per month, depending on the customer's price plan."
From February 2000 onwards, Digital One Rate will be enhanced such that the minutes included with the price plans will also apply to calls made and received in the U.S. This will allow customers to take full advantage of the minutes included in their plans and make Digital One Rate the ideal product for customers who travel frequently to the U.S.
Cantel AT&T Digital One Rate offers one rate calling between Canada and the U.S and from Canada to Hong Kong. Customers can select the Digital One Rate plan that is best for them, based on their calling patterns and travel needs:
- $75/month with 250 minutes included and an additional minute rate at $0.30/minute;
- $150/month with 600 minutes and an additional minute rate at $0.25/minute;
- $300/month with 1,500 minutes included and an additional minute rate of $0.20/minute.
"Cantel AT&T Digital One Rate plans are an incredible value for Canadians with family, friends and business associates throughout Canada, the U.S. and Hong Kong," continues Mr. Davidson. "This is a true realization of our relationship with AT&T. Cantel AT&T Digital One Rate provides users with the freedom to use their wireless phone where ever they travel across North America."