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 November 11, 1999

 Eurocom Corporation, the Canadian leader in Desktop Replacement Notebooks(tm), has announced the release of its latest DeskNote(tm), the EUROCOM 8500P3.
The EUROCOM 8500P3 will replace Eurocom's existing high-end, Intel Pentium II-based notebook, the EUROCOM 8500P. Except for a few changes, such as faster processing speeds of 450 and 500 MHz and a 100 MHz front side bus, the EUROCOM 8500P3 will boast the same 15.1-inch screen and full size 102-key keyboard as its predecessor.
Other features of the EUROCOM 8500P3 include the capacity to store up to 384 MB of SDRAM, 8 MB of video SGRAM, and 50 GB of storage space. The notebook also comes with a 24x CD-ROM that can be exchanged with a 4x DVD-ROM and a 3.5-inch floppy drive that can be exchanged with either a LS-120 or a Zip drive.
What's more, the notebook's highlights extend beyond its specifications to include the philosophy that lies behind it. Unlike most notebooks, as a Desktop Replacement Notebook(tm), the EUROCOM 8500P3 isn't designed to compliment desktops - it aims to completely replace them.
"The Eurocom Desktop Replacement Notebook(tm) offers an ideal computing solution because it replaces the work PC, the home computer, and the laptop with a single, mobile solution," says Mark Bialic, president of Eurocom Corporation.