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 October 25, 1999

 IBM takes another leap forward in providing industry-leading e-business tools for enterprise users, small business customers and entrepreneurs with an enhanced lineup of ThinkPad notebook Pcs. The expanded lineup includes the new ThinkPad 600X with the ideal balance of performance and portability, the all-in-one ThinkPad 390X models that feature the new Intel Mobile Pentium III processor and finally, the popular ThinkPad 240 mini-notebook has been enhanced with a Mobile Intel Celeron processor at 366 MHz.
"The new ThinkPad lineup demonstrates IBM's continued leadership in e-tools for all types and sizes of e-business,'' said Susan Taylor, ThinkPad Marketing Manager, IBM Canada Ltd. ''No other vendor comes close to offering the same level of support and such a broad range of competitively priced products.''
ThinkPad 600X: Power and Portability in a Sleek Package
Since introducing the ThinkPad 600, IBM redefined mobile computing by offering a slim-and-light system that is also a top performer. After winning dozens of awards and with over one million units sold, the new ThinkPad 600X models are expected to retain the number one spot on IT manager's order lists.
The new ThinkPad 600X notebooks feature the new Intel Pentium III processor running at 500 MHz or 450 MHz, as well as the new 100 MHz processor system bus for faster access for memory and graphics. Additionally, the new systems incorporate the latest enhanced graphics technology with a NeoMagic MagicGraph256ZX with 4MB VRAM and an integrated 56K V.90 Mini-PCI modem (a new industry-wide standard for modem integration in notebook PCs). IBM qualified service technicians will find access to the 56K V.90 Mini-PCI slot easy, as it's housed within a new door located on the bottom of the system, which translates into lower service costs and less repair time. The new ThinkPad 600X systems include workhorse models that will be in production on a global basis for nine months, allowing product consistency for large enterprise deployments.
ThinkPad 390X: Affordable and Powerful All-In-One Desktop Replacement
IBM is introducing a new series of ThinkPad 390X models, a desktop replacement that is ideal for enterprises of all sizes. The notebooks feature a fast Intel Mobile Pentium III processor and bright, up to 15-inch displays - the industry's most flexible notebook with a 15-inch display. Its elegant, user-upgradeable design appeals to the desktop user who requires the power of a desktop with the flexibility of a notebook PC. These models feature IBM's popular three-spindle design integrating a FDD, CD-ROM and HDD, plus its flexible UltraBay FX provides users with modular convenience and the ability to tailor the system to their needs. The new ThinkPad 390X systems also include workhorse models, that will be in production on a global basis for nine months, allowing product consistency for large enterprise deployments.
Starting list prices for the new ThinkPad 390X models are as follows:
- Model 2626-LOU: $4,999 - Mobile Intel Pentium III processor at 450 MHz, 64MB, 14.1-inch XGA TFT, 12GB HDD, 24X CD-ROM, 56K modem, Windows98/NT.
ThinkPad 240: Mini-Notebook with a Full-stroke Keyboard
At 2.9 pounds and one-inch thin(1), the ThinkPad 240 is the new favourite in business tools for the enterprise. Since its introduction in June of 1999, it has been lauded by industry experts for its large, comfortable, full-stroke keyboard. Designed for road warriors who require maximum portability yet who do not want to sacrifice usability, it comes equipped with all standard ports on board, eliminating the need to carry a port expander bar. The new ThinkPad 240 comes with the latest technology, including a Mobile Intel Celeron processor at 366 MHz; 64MB of memory and an integrated 56K V.90 Mini-PCI modem.
The new ThinkPad 240 is priced and configured as follows:
- Model 2609-31U Price $2,999 - Mobile Intel Celeron processor at 366 MHz, 64MB SDRAM (customer upgradeable to192MB), bright 10.4-inch SVGA TFT, 6.4GB HDD, Integrated 56K V.90 Mini-PCI modem, and all standard ports onboard.