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 October 15, 1999

 Eurocom Corporation, the Canadian leader in Desktop Replacement Notebooks(tm), is offering its corporate clients a solution that will help them save money and make their employees more productive. This solution is the EUROCOM DeskNote(tm).
"Eurocom's DeskNotes(tm) offer an ideal corporate computing solution because they replace the work PC, the home computer, and the laptop with a single, mobile solution," says Mark Bialic, president of Eurocom Corporation. "This is an advantage to corporations because the employer can purchase one
machine that the employee can use to work on while on the road, at the office, and at home, finishing up the day's project." This solution saves corporate clients money in three ways. Firstly, Eurocom's DeskNotes(tm) reduce the cost of ownership. The client only has one computer per employee to maintain and upgrade and for which to purchase a software license. Secondly, creating more productive employees is also a cost saving. By the employees taking the DeskNote(tm) home to finish up projects, they become more familiar with the machine and with the software programs; thus leading to greater productivity. Lastly, using one machine eliminates the need to transfer data, which diminishes the risk of losing
important files that could result in major losses for the company. All Eurocom's DeskNotes(tm) can be used in a corporate setting, but the ideal corporate solution is the EUROCOM 8500P. With its 15.1-inch display, full-size keyboard, and FireWire port, it is great for creating and viewing multi-media presentations. Whatever the task, this notebook can handle a variety of serious situations with confidence. Its portability means that it is great for travelling workers such as journalists, consultants, and sales representatives, to name a few. The EUROCOM 8500P is fully upgradeable and is available with a up to a 400 MHz Intel Pentium II Mobile processor, up to 384 MB of SDRAM, up to 14 GB of hard drive space that can be maximized to 28 GB by adding a second hard drive, and the options of a 4x DVD-ROM drive, a LS-120 drive, or a Zip drive. Eurocom's accessories add to this solution. Port replicators, second hard
drives, and second AC adapters make the transition from the office to the home a lot easier.