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 September 09, 1999

 Eurocom Corporation, the Canadian leader in DesktopmReplacement Notebooks, is adding to its line of EUROCOM DeskNotes by introducing a new entry-level notebook, the EUROCOM 3400 DeskNote.
"The EUROCOM 3400 DeskNote is designed specifically for people on the go because of its slim and lightweight design," says Mark Bialic, president of Eurocom Corporation. "And, like all of Eurocom's notebooks, it is powerful and fully upgradeable."
At a mere five pounds, this notebook sports a 400 MHz or a 450 MHz Intel Pentium III Mobile processor, a 12.1-inch or a 13.3-inch XGA Active Matrix LCD, up to 256 MB of SDRAM, up to a 10 GB hard drive, and a built-in 24x CD-ROM drive that is interchangeable with a 4x DVD-ROM drive or a 3.5-inch
floppy drive. It also features speakers that are mounted on the side of the notebook so that you can listen to a CD or a DVD even when the notebook is closed.
The EUROCOM 3400 DeskNote will be available Oct. 9, 1999.
What's more, the notebook's highlights extend beyond its specifications to include the philosophy that lies behind it. Unlike most notebooks, as a Desktop Replacement Notebook, the EUROCOM 3400 DeskNote(tm) isn't designed to compliment desktops - it aims to completely replace them.
"The Eurocom Desktop Replacement Notebook(tm) offers an ideal computing solution because it replaces the work PC, the home computer, and the laptop with a single, mobile solution," says Bialic.
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