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 August 31, 1999

 Hewlett-Packard Company and TEN Online have announced that the two companies have reached agreement to enter a strategic technology and marketing alliance that will provide comprehensive real-time
distribution E-services for the travel, hospitality and related entertainment industries.
The relationship leverages unique synergies between HP's Open Skies operation and TEN Online since both offer next generation Internet-enabled reservation services with a transaction-based business model. A major strength of the alliance is that HP Open Skies has concentrated on the airline industry while TEN Online has concentrated on the hospitality, car rental, cruise line and related tourism/entertainment industries. HP Open Skies will provide TEN Online access to airline inventory for distribution channels seeking access to real-time airline reservations, via the OpenRes and Take Flight reservations systems.
HP Open Skies will also provide to TEN Online the IT infrastructure and high speed Internet bandwidth connectivity for TEN Online to operate the Level TEN and Level 2000 Internet Distribution Systems (IDS) developed by TEN Online. These systems provide travel and hospitality suppliers the ability to distribute their inventory in real-time, individually using Level TEN or via an aggregated representation of inventory from multiple vendors with a single-image display using the Level 2000 system.
Both companies will be implementing a business strategy to participate jointly in marketing opportunities to acquire direct access to travel, hospitality and entertainment inventory and to enter into agreements with recognized distribution channels.
"The alliance of Hewlett-Packard and TEN Online offers a world class technology solution to the travel, tourism and hospitality industries for distribution of inventory within a business model that is affordable to suppliers of inventory and to the distribution channels & marketing organizations that sell the inventory", said John Ramos, President of TEN Online. "We are creating a new and level playing field for the majority of the travel industry to participate in the online electronic distribution marketplace. TEN Online is looking forward to building the next generation in travel distribution with HP Open Skies."
"Our partnership with TEN Online allows us to expand the services we offer our airline customers; services that enable them to bring low-cost air travel to a broader group of consumers worldwide. In the airline industry it's all about choice, and this is an innovative new choice for airline distribution," said Roy Breslawski, Marketing Manager for HP Open Skies.