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 July 21, 1999

 During the kick-off keynote today, Apple(r) introduced iBook*, the first consumer portable to provide untethered Internet access for home and schools via AirPort*, Apple's revolutionary new wireless local area network (LAN) solution. The Company also unveiled QuickTime(r) TV (QTV), the Internet's highest-quality network for web-based video and audio, seamlessly integrating four key elements: Apple's award-winning QuickTime 4 Player software; Apple's open-source QuickTime Streaming Server software; the Apple/Akamai Technologies streamed content delivery service; and compelling content from leading providers.
Building upon its success in the consumer and education markets with the popular iMac*, Apple's iBook, the "iMac to Go" features "all day" battery life of up to six hours, a PowerPC G3 processor that outperforms the fastest Intel processor found in any notebook PC*, and Apple's revolutionary AirPort wireless networking for cable-free Internet access (optional), all in a stunning notebook design available in two eye-catching colors-Blueberry and Tangerine. Additional iBook features include a 12.1- inch TFT display for super crisp images and video, built-in 56K modem and 10/100BASE-T Ethernet networking, built-in CD-ROM drive, and two built-in antennas and an internal slot to accept Apple's new Airport wireless networking card. iBook's design innovations include a rubber-coated translucent enclosure for durability, a pullout handle for safe carrying, and a unique closing mechanism without latches for faster and easier access.
QTV, the Internet's highest performance network for web-based video and audio, seamlessly integrates Apple's QuickTime Streaming Server with Akamai Technologies' global Internet content delivery service to give Macintosh(r) and Windows users one-click access to high-quality, popular content, free of charge to viewers at QTV provides leading content providers with the fastest, most reliable distribution network available. New "intercasters" on the QTV network include ABC News, Disney, ESPN, The Knitting Factory,, VH1 and Virgin Radio.
Demonstrating continued enthusiasm for the Macintosh platform, Apple today also announced that third-party developers have introduced nearly 5,000 new Macintosh software and hardware products in the past 12 months. In one year, third-party software developers have announced 3,935 new software titles for the Macintosh platform. Hardware manufacturers-fueled in part by iMac's support for the Universal Serial Bus (USB) and the Power Macintosh(r) G3 computer's support for USB and Firewire(r)-have developed more than 1,053 new products, ranging from storage devices, printers, scanners and cameras to game controllers. Forty new FireWire devices and 37 Universal Serial Bus (USB) peripherals will make their debut this week at Macworld. The new hardware and software products announced today bring the total number of products shipping on the Mac(r) platform to 13,100. A complete list of products is available in the Macintosh Products Guide at