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 June 30, 1999

 IBM has introduced new e-tools for e-business, including the new ThinkPad 600E and ThinkPad 390E notebook Pcs. In addition to being a leader in mobile computing, IBM leads the industry in providing the IT services and industry-specific know-how that customers need for tailored business solutions.
"Our customers require specific mobile solutions to fit their needs - not a one-size-fits-all solution," said Adalio Sanchez, General Manager, IBM Mobile Computing. "The new ThinkPad 600E and ThinkPad 390E notebook PCs fit into IBM's e-business initiatives by providing affordable, high-powered solutions for all sized companies and users."
The award-winning ThinkPad 600E series, has been described by users as the perfect balance between performance and portability -- and now boasts models the new Mobile Intel (R) Pentium (R) II processor at 400 MHz (1), 10GB (2) hard drives. It also has a large 13.3" TFT displays, CD-ROM or DVD and long battery life. In addition to CD-ROM and DVD drives, the new ThinkPad 600E's modular UltraslimBay (TM) can accept a wide range of swappable components including: SuperDisk (LS-120) drive ($225), and Zip100MB ($269) and second battery ($255).
To help easily incorporate mobile clients into the enterprise, the new ThinkPad 600E models come pre-loaded with Microsoft Windows NT or Windows 98 and are part of the Windows 2000 PC Ready Program. Combining the strength of more than 600 Windows NT programming professionals from IBM's Kirkland Programming Center and programming centers around the world, IBM brings genuine leadership in Windows NT Workstation 4.0 functionality to ThinkPad users. This continues IBM's leadership in providing comprehensive Windows NT capabilities across the ThinkPad line.
Select models of the ThinkPad 600E can come with IBM's Asset ID wireless technology, allowing IT managers to track and manage their assets while helping deter theft. All models in the ThinkPad 600E lineup are backward compatible with the line of IBM SelectaBase and SelectaDock solutions. IBM offers a range of ThinkPad 600E models starting from $2,799 to $4,199 (3).
The affordable e-business solution for small businesses, education and the enterprise the new ThinkPad 390E model BOU is a great all-in-one desktop alternative. Designed for value conscious buyers, the ThinkPad 390E is easy to upgrade and maintain because of its modular bay and upgradeable hard drive. The new ThinkPad 390E offers users the flexibility of both Windows NT and Windows 98 compatibility and incorporates the latest Mobile Intel Celeron (TM) processors at 366 MHz and large 4.8 GB hard drives.
For users on the go, the new ThinkPad 390E provides 6.8 (4) hours of operation using the optional second battery in the modular UltraBay FX. Additionally, the new ThinkPad 390E model features IBM's precise TrackPoint pointing device with Internet Scroll Bar and the flexible UltraBay FX. The UltraBay supports the new CD-ROM/FDD or DVD/FDD combinations, as well as an optional second battery or second hard drive, neither of which require any special tools. The ThinkPad 390E accepts a direct connection to an optional IBM Port Replicator ($155) or Port Replicator with advanced EtherJet(TM) feature ($395) which are also compatible with the ThinkPad 570 and previous models of the ThinkPad 390. Prices of the new ThinkPad 390E start at $1,899
Ideal for businesses of all size, the IBM ThinkPad 600E and ThinkPad 390E series notebook PCs are backed by IBM's industry leading service and support. With operations in 164 countries IBM provides personalized services including: a 24x7 HelpCenter (5); 12-hour in-depot repair service (6); automated online data backup and recovery; and access to experienced HelpCenter specialists with the Remote Technical Support ServicePac.
The ThinkPad 600E is protected by a three-year limited warranty (7), and the ThinkPad 390E with a one-year limited warranty.
(1) MHz only measures microprocessor internal clock speed, not application performance. Other factors also affect application performance.
(2) GB means billion bytes when referring to hard disk drive capacity.
(3) Estimate reseller price to end users. Actual reseller prices may vary.
(4) Results based on BAPCo's (Business Applications Performance Corporation) SYSmark benchmark test. Battery life will vary based on many factors including screen brightness, applications, features, battery conditioning, power management and other customer preferences.
(5) HelpCenter response time varies. May exclude some holidays.
(6) Repair and service time may vary.
(7) For terms and conditions or a copy of IBM's Statement of Limited Warranty, call 1 800 722-2227 in the U.S. and in Canada call 1 800 426-2255.
For more information on the ThinkPad 600E or 390E, visit or call 800-426-7255 ext. 4571.