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 June 30, 1999

 IBM, a leader in mobile computing, recently introduced its first mini-notebook computer for the U.S. and Canadian markets. At 2.9 pounds, one-inch thin (1) and with a full-travel keyboard, the ThinkPad 240 is the latest design in corporate business tools for the enterprise.
Designed for professionals who travel frequently and need access to Windows-based applications, the new ThinkPad 240 affords the convenience of a full-sized notebook, with a full-travel keyboard and all standard ports on board, without making sacrifices in ergonomics, usability and power.
With a history of understanding user needs, IBM designed the ThinkPad 240 focusing on usability. Resulting from extensive research and testing with users, IBM designed the keyboard on the ThinkPad 240 to have the same full-size feel as other full function notebooks. And because all of the most commonly used ports are on board the system, there is no need to carry a port expander bar, providing lower total carrying weight.
"Mini-notebooks are gaining broad appeal in large organizations - they're no longer viewed as executive status symbols," said Adalio Sanchez, general manager, IBM Mobile Computing.
To help integrate mobile clients with enterprises, the ThinkPad 240 supports Windows NT*(R) and is backed by IBM's renowned 24x7(2) toll-free HelpCenter*, during the warranty period.
Providing full-size performance in a portable package, the ThinkPad 240 incorporates a 300 MHz (4) Mobile Intel (R) Celeron (TM) processor, 64MB SDRAM that is expandable to 192 MB. It has a large, 6.4GB(5) upgradeable hard disk drive and 2.0 MB of VRAM with MPEG-1 support. Mobile executives will appreciate the ThinkPad 240's bright 10.4" SVGA display, durable UltraCarbon (TM) casing, integrated 56K V.90 (3) modem.
IBM's optional PC Data Vaulting service provides ThinkPad 240 users a quick and easy way to protect valuable data. This optional service can automatically back up PC files to a secure IBM data center via the Internet. For more information on IBM's PC Data Vaulting service, visit:
(1) Weight/thickness may vary due to vendor components, manufacturing
process and options.
(2) HelpCenter response times varies. May exclude some holidays.
(3) These 56K modems are designed to be capable of receiving data at up to
56Kbps from a compatible service provider, and transmitting data at up to
31.2Kbps. Public networks currently limit maximum download speeds to about
53Kbps. Actual speeds depend on many factors and are often less than the
maximum possible.
(4) MHz only measures microprocessor internal clock speed, not application
performance. Other factors also affect application performance.
(5) GB means billion bytes when referring to hard disk drive capacity.
Accessible capacity varies.
(6) For terms and conditions or a copy of IBM's Statement of Limited
Warranty, call 1 800 722-2227 in the U.S. and in Canada call 1 800
(7) Estimate reseller price to end users. Actual reseller prices may vary