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 June 01, 1999

 At its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple Computer, Inc. announced its new PowerBook line. Powered by copper-based 333MHz and 400MHz PowerPC G3 processors, the new notebooks provide true desktop performance and run up to twice as fast as the processors in Pentium II-based notebooks*. Weighing just 5.9 pounds, the new PowerBook line is nearly two pounds lighter and almost 20 percent thinner than their award-winning predecessors. Powered by up to two lithium-ion batteries, the new PowerBook line runs up to five hours on a single battery and up to 10 hours on dual batteries setting a new industry record for notebook computers.
The new PowerBook line comes standard with 14.1-inch LCD screens, and also features industry standard USB, 10/100BASE-T Ethernet, and 56K /v.90 modem ports for easy connection to the latest peripherals and high-speed networks. Customers can now extend their workspace with dual display capabilities when the new PowerBook is connected to an external monitor, video projector, television or VCR.
"The new PowerBooks are the fastest, lightest and longest battery life full-featured notebooks in the industry," said Steve Jobs, Apple's interim CEO.
The new PowerBook line features:
Thin and light design 5.9 pounds with CD and battery, 5.7 pounds with battery and weight saving module; Fast 333MHz or 400MHz PowerPC G3 processor; Brilliant 14.1-inch active-matrix display; Up to ten hours of battery life through dual lithium-ion batteries; Support for up to 384MB of SDRAM; Built-in ATI Rage LT Pro video controller and 8MB of video memory; VGA and S-Video ports for dual display and video mirroring; Two USB ports for connection to the latest generation of computer peripherals; Support for FireWire via Newer Technology's FireWire To Go CardBus Card; Built-in 10/100BASE-T Ethernet; Easy access to RAM expansion and removable hard drive through flip-up keyboard; CD-ROM or DVD-ROM option with on-board DVD-Video support and hot swappable expansion bay.
Pricing and Availability
The following configurations of the new PowerBook line are available from Apple Authorized Resellers: 14.1-inch TFT display/333MHz/512K L2 cache/64MB/4GB hard drive/24x-speed (max) CD ROM/Ethernet/ 56K modem CDN ERP $3,699; 14.1-inch TFT display/400MHz/1MB L2 cache/64MB/6GB hard drive/2x-speed DVD-ROM/Ethernet/56K modem CDN ERP $5,199.
Additional build-to-order options for the new PowerBook line include: a 10GB hard drive; RAM up to 384MB; DVD-ROM; and third-party options such as ZIP and SuperDisk expansion bay modules from VST Technologies.
Apple also announced the immediate availability of Mac OS 8.6, a significant upgrade to the Macintosh operating system which is free to owners of Mac OS 8.5; the shipment of the Macintosh version of OpenGL 3D graphics software; and an agreement with Dragon Systems to bring their award-winning speech recognition software to the Macintosh.
* Based on industry standard ByteMark processor test.
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