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October 18, 2000
Captura Selects Intel Online Services To Provide Global Hosting

Captura announced today it has selected Intel Online Services, Inc., to provide managed hosting services and the AppChoice Managed Hosting Services for its growing global customer base. In addition, Captura has joined the Intel Online Se...
October 11, 2000
MobileAria For Hands-Free Internet Access In Cars

MobileAria, Inc., a company that will develop a new, handsfree mobile Internet service platform for the automobile, was launched today with investments from industry leaders Delphi Automotive Systems, Palm, Inc. and Mayfield Fund. MobileAri...
October 10, 2000
Aventail - Deloitte Consulting Build Worldwide Business Partner Network

Deloitte Consulting had a large challenge - 15,000 Deloitte Consulting practitioners spent weeks at client sites and required access to critical internal applications and methodologies in order to provide the best service and solutions to t...
October 06, 2000
Clearnet Introduces The Sanyo SCP-4500 Hands-Free Wireless Phone

Clearnet Communications Inc. ("Clearnet") today introduced its newest dot com ready phone, the SANYO SCP-4500, a powerful hands-free communications device that features a built-in speakerphone, voice-activated dialing and a personal memo re...
September 26, 2000
Major Wireless Manufacturers Unite

The world's three largest mobile phone manufacturers today announced that they have set up a forum dedicated to developing global interoperability between mobile positioning systems. Ericsson, Motorola and Nokia have founded the Location In...
September 26, 2000
Motorola Delivers the Future of Wireless Communications

Today at the first day of the PCIA GlobalXChange, one of the leading wireless communications shows in the country, Motorola signaled a new direction in wireless technology with the unveiling of a range of breakthrough products and alliances...
September 25, 2000
Motorola & Palm to Extend Palm User Experience Into Mobile Phone Design

Motorola and Palm, Inc. are collaborating to meet the growing demand for full-service mobile wireless devices by creating a new smart phone that blends the functionality of a Palm handheld computer with the simplicity and compact form facto...
September 22, 2000
Palm V Handhelds To Receive GSM Data And Voice Connection

Users of Palm V and Vx handhelds soon will be able to make and receive telephone calls using their handhelds through a sleek snap-on attachment. Palm, Inc. and RealVision today announced plans to provide the equipment that adds Web-enabled...
September 19, 2000
OracleMobile and ScreamingMedia Partner - From Web to Wireless

ScreamingMedia, the leading provider of content infrastructure, syndication and services, and OracleMobile, a division of Oracle Corp. focused on the wireless Internet industry, today announced a strategic alliance to develop and host wirel...
September 18, 2000 Launches Online Travel Superstore

Delivering unrivalled real time access to price and instant availability to over 450 airlines, 34,000 hotels, and 45 car rental companies worldwide, Asia's latest online travel site,, launching today in Singapore, takes convenie...
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