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 August 01, 2012
Amadeus Printmytrip Solution of Choice For 1,000+ Travel Agencies In Asia Pacific

 Amadeus has announced that its new web-based Printmytrip solution has been chosen by 1,000 travel agencies across Asia Pacific in just six months since its 2012 launch.

Amadeus first launched Amadeus Printmytrip in 2011, and has improved the interface to be entirely web-based following the enormous success of the launch.

Amadeus Printmytrip is a complete itinerary management tool that streamlines the creation and delivery of informative, professional and branded travel documentation. Fully web-based, Amadeus Printmytrip simply makes itinerary management quick, smart and hassle-free.

Travel agents using Amadeus Printmytrip can feel confident knowing their customers have more of the right information as well as a professional looking travel document that meets individual travel needs.

Bruno des Fontaines, Vice President of Customer Solutions, Amadeus Asia Pacific said the future of travel technology tools will be more personalised and customisable to meet the individual requirements of travel professionals.

"This new solution can be tailored to suit customers' individual requests and with its extensive range of document customisation features, has the potential to positively impact a travel agency's brand. Travellers also benefit from the added convenience of having additional booking information on their itineraries that previously was not possible," he said.

Amadeus Printmytrip is also fully integrated with the Amadeus Selling Platform, the world's most used retailing application for travel professionals, allowing travel agents to easily distribute travel quotations, itineraries and e-tickets, as well as include important booking information such as fare types, cabin class and baggage allowance in the traveller's itinerary.

In addition to customisable features, Printmytrip Premium enables travel agents to brand the itinerary and up-sell products and services through advertising.

Des Fontaines explained that the option for an alternative source of revenue is especially important for travel agents in today's competitive travel landscape, where the ability to offer more value is key to attracting and retaining customers.

"We are committed to providing the best solutions and support that our travel partners require to stay competitive and increase revenue streams," he added.