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 September 07, 2006
FCm Travel Solutions' Worldwide Network To Switch To New .travel Domain

 Global corporate travel and expense management group, FCm Travel Solutions, has announced the commencement of a worldwide roll-out of its changeover to the new dot travel domain.

FCm's entire network of partners across Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Americas, will be involved in the changeover to, with partners in some countries already implementing the transition.

The group's global executive general manager, Anthony Grigson, said he believed it was important for FCm Travel Solutions to move to the new domain quickly.

"Our shift to will establish a travel space on the web that we can genuinely call our own. The sooner we can make the transition the more time it will give our market to get used to, and tap into this space for anything they need to know about our business.

"Every FCm business, including our full equity and licensed offices, will move across to the new domain name and adopt new email addresses that will take on a similar format. We will have only one domain registered, so our communications and branding will become more globally unified."

Grigson said the change was being implemented primarily for the benefit of FCm Travel Solutions' clients.

"FCm is applying the .travel domain to our entire business because it makes better sense for our clients. In addition to the fact that all FCm offices will ultimately operate under the same domain name, it provides greater assurance to our clients that any FCm office is a bona fide part of our business.

"It will also allow for stronger internet branding, and enable us to better promote our services within our own industry space.

As a result of the change, FCm Travel Solutions' individual country websites will all feature, preceded by their country initials. For example:

UK -

Azerbaijan - www.

Australia -

The roll-out of FCm's new domain name will be implemented throughout 2006 and 2007. All existing country domains will remain operational for another two years, redirecting site visitors to and relevant country domains.