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 November 15, 2006
FCm Travel Solutions Expands Its Asia-Pacific Business With Reuters

 FCm Travel Solutions has significantly expanded its Asia-Pacific business with international news giant, Reuters, following successful implementation of travel management services for the company in various parts of the region.

The global corporate travel specialist is now implementing travel management services for Reuters in Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia and Korea, after impressing the company with its service implementation in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, India and Japan.

The world's largest multimedia news agency, Reuters appointed FCm to manage its Asia-Pacific travel business in 2005, following an open tender process in which FCm competed against the world's top three travel management companies.

Reuters' sourcing manager Hong Kong, Mr Lapkee Hui, said FCm Travel Solutions' flexibility and consistency across the region were among the key reasons the group was awarded the business.

"FCm Travel Solutions demonstrated the strongest ability to tailor their services to our business and our travel needs at a competitive price," Mr Hui said.

FCm's global executive general manager, Anthony Grigson, said Reuters's high level of satisfaction had been driven by FCm's ongoing commitment to provide a high-touch, boutique style service throughout the region.

"Regardless of what Reuters needs in a particular country, we adjust our business model and services to make it happen for them," Mr Grigson said.

"FCm Travel Solutions has provided Reuters with a senior account manager who is their single point of contact for all aspects of servicing, yet accountable for our performance throughout the region. Detailed and consolidated regional reporting is part of this accountability.

"Our senior account manager is supported by dedicated account managers and teams in each country, who provide a localised and intensely personal service to Reuters's people in each area.

"Despite the country-to-country tailoring of specific services, we have also structured our local pricing to ensure it remains highly competitive for the services we offer Reuters," Mr Grigson said.

"With this approach we are helping Reuters achieve goals such as improved service standards and consistency across all countries, high level account management, accurate data, and competitive pricing."