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Travel Management

 November 27, 2006
Amadeus e-Travel Management v10.0

 Amadeus today shared a preview of its enhanced e-Travel Management solution, which will be released in December 2006. The new version -- Amadeus e-Travel Management v10.0 -- will provide corporations with improved administration features and new flexible faring options designed to help companies balance their global and local travel management needs.

Enhanced Faring Options

The new version of Amadeus e-Travel Management will allow the display of multiple fares for a single itinerary, whether the traveller makes a 'Search by schedule' or a 'Search by fare'. Both return fares and one-way fares can be displayed at once, making it easier for the traveller to select the best combination of flights that will meet their needs. This feature will also offer the administrator added control by enabling them to pre-determine the different fare types that will be displayed to their travellers.

Helping companies to encourage even more cost savings within their travel programmes, the upgraded solution will also allow users to view fares with the corporation's kickback rebate included for the first time, which will help direct travellers towards booking flights that will lead to potential end year rebates for the company.

Improved Efficiency And Processes

As a growing number of corporations cite the ability to improve efficiency and processes as one of the most significant benefits of a global travel management programme, v10.0 addresses this issue by providing improved administration features that help travel managers to simplify the booking process. Features include an enhanced display that allows travel managers to view a traveller's status quickly and easily; simplified profile management options giving profile managers a greater flexibility to assign users or travellers to an arranger or approver; and a risk-free way of offering assistance through the 'Helpdesk' feature, where support staff can view details in a "read only" format.

Jerome Destors, Commercial Director, Amadeus e-Travel said, "It is essential that technology helps improve efficiency of the booking process. Not all companies want their traveller's itineraries to be driven solely by price. Giving travel managers the flexibility to tailor what their travellers see on their desktop display and to set tight perimeters according to their travel management policies is key. The upgrades we have made to our solution ensure that whilst we have upgraded the functionality of our product, we have ensured that from both an administration and user perspective, it is now even simpler and more user-friendly than ever. "

Time Saving 'e-Concierge' Service

Launching in North America, but soon to be rolled out worldwide, the latest version of Amadeus' self-booking solution also provides an eConcierge service. This service further enhances the user experience and helps save travellers a considerable amount of time by removing the need for them to access multiple, external websites to obtain information such as visa, restaurant, weather, maps and other data that is often sourced prior to travelling. This gives the traveller dynamic and customisable content in a more convenient and easy to access way.