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 November 13, 2000
INFINI Successfully Migrates Its Core CRS To Sabre Platform System

 Sabre Holdings Corporation today announced the successful transition of the INFINI core computer reservation system to be hosted in the Sabre global distribution system (GDS). INFINI is one of the leading computer reservation systems (CRS) in Japan. Prior to this transition, All Nippon Airways operated the INFINI reservation system.

"We are pleased to welcome the 6300 INFINI agencies to the growing community of Sabre Connected travel consultants," said Eric Speck, group president of Travel Marketing and Distribution for Sabre.

In April of 1999 the company announced an agreement with INFINI and ABACUS INTERNATIONAL to create a worldwide link between Sabre, INFINI and ABACUS, a partial owner of INFINI and Asia-Pacific's largest GDS and CRS. The companies have worked to develop and customize Sabre functions to meet the unique needs of travel agencies and airlines in Japan and migrate data from INFINI's CRS in Tokyo to the Sabre GDS in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

"It is INFINI's strategy to provide new products and services and aggressively pursue projects, while taking advantage of Internet technology that will benefit airlines, travel agencies and consumers alike," said INFINI president and chief executive officer Yosuke Maruyama. "We believe this migration to hosting within the Sabre system is in line with that strategy."

The Sabre system, which processes more than 40 percent of the world's travel reservations, is one of the world's largest privately owned, real-time computer systems. The system has an average response time of under 3 seconds and sends an average of 270 million messages per day to a data center in Tulsa. At its peak, the system processes more than 8,544 messages per second and has 30 mainframe computers with a capacity of 14,337 MIPs and over 60 terabytes of electronic storage - equivalent to over 15 billion pages of information.