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 March 27, 2007
HRG Launches Global Fundraising Day

 On 3rd April 2007 some 12,000 HRG employees will unite around the globe to participate in the very first worldwide HRG Day, undertaking a variety of fundraising activities to raise money for ActionAid, the international development agency formed to help fight global poverty.

An annual day of celebration, 3rd April is the specific day each year that all HRG employees join together to celebrate the culture of HRG and raise money for designated charitable projects.

All monies raised will be used to support three specific projects across three continents: an education programme for street children in Brazil, an HIV/AIDS project in Malawi and a community healthcare initiative in Cambodia. This will enable HRG employees to help those most in need in different parts of the world and demonstrate the rationale behind HRG Day:

- H elping to make a difference
- R eaching out to those in need
- G iving something back to society.

David Radcliffe, CEO of Hogg Robinson Group (HRG) said: "The HRG worldwide network was formally launched just one year ago and is now represented in almost 100 countries worldwide. Our company culture encourages our international employees to work closely together and our HRG Day celebrations represent an opportunity for them to reinforce cross border cooperation whilst helping those less fortunate than ourselves at the same time."

He continued: "This first event marks a significant milestone in the evolution of HRG and I wish HRG UK every success with their fundraising activities -- the more money we raise as a global organisation the more lives we can help."

Peter Kite, MD of HRG UK added: "We are looking forward to celebrating HRG Day 2007 and giving something back by supporting the very worthwhile projects run by ActionAid. Planning and organising our fundraising activities has helped our employees to share creative ideas and strengthen relationships within our team and with colleagues internationally."