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Travel Management

 May 03, 2007
Advito Launches Corporate Social Responsibility Service Portfolio

 Advito, the independent consulting division of BCD Travel, the world's third largest travel management company, (May 3) introduced a complete portfolio of consulting services and technologies designed to meet clients' need for comprehensive guidance on their travel programme's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy.

Advito's service portfolio helps business leaders meet the challenge of creating and managing travel programmes that are environmentally sustainable, socially responsible -- and cost-effective. Their Responsible Travel Management approach focuses on the issues of both sustainability (to recognise and reduce the environmental impact of travel) and accountability (to provide tangible and pragmatic solutions for issues such as travel risk management and ethical travel procurement).

"Interest in CSR and corporate travel is growing steadily," said Mary Ellen George, general manager of Advito. "We are being asked by clients across all major industries and in all regions of the world to help them understand where their programme is currently and guide them to where they want it to be."

The components in the Advito Responsible Travel Management portfolio include:

Responsible Travel Programme Diagnostic. Advito helps travel and procurement managers determine the contribution their programme makes to the company's overall CSR programme and ensures they have the right balance of traditional travel management and CSR objectives.

CSR Travel Strategy Workshop. Advito helps clients clarify the corporate CSR requirements and stakeholder expectations and constraints through single or multiple stakeholder workshops.

Travel Avoidance Programme. Advito helps companies successfully implement (non-vital) trip avoidance programmes through an integrated approach that considers all key stakeholder requirements.

Sustainable and Accountable Travel Procurement. Advito helps design and manage supplier RFPs aligned with the client organisation's sustainable and responsible procurement principles.

Meeting Location Optimisation. A centralised approach to meeting management is often an untapped source of reducing both spend and environmental footprint. Advito helps companies optimise meeting location for easy access and the reduction of environmental impact.

Off-Setting Advisory. Advito provides the customised advice needed to address the key questions on selection and implementation of an emission offsetting programme.

Travel Risk Management Consulting. Advito assesses an organisation's ability to identify and manage travel-related safety and security risks to people, data and equipment, and recommends changes to operational programmes, travel security initiatives and risk management providers.

Advito's sustainable travel consulting services form a four-step solution that diagnoses a company's current environmental impact, eradicates emissions where possible, reduces its carbon footprint and offsets remaining emissions.

In the area of accountability, Advito goes beyond environmental factors, helping clients ensure their CSR policies related to travel are adequate, measurable and reflective of their organisation's culture as well as the needs of their community. The company provides tangible and pragmatic solutions for issues such as travel risk management and ethical travel procurement.

"Contrary to popular belief, taking CSR into account does not mean adding more cost to your programme," said Victor van Tol, Advito's vice president -- EMEA. "On the contrary, by avoiding governmental fines and making smart travel decisions based on business criticality and preferred supplier usage, you can realise significant cost reductions while meeting your environmental and social responsibilities."

"Advito was created in the belief that we could be a voice for our clients, deliver proven value and be an industry leader with vision," said George. "Our activities in, and commitment to, the area of corporate social responsibility demonstrate that we are moving with rapid changes in the industry.

"The benefits of travel programme compliance with CSR initiatives are enormous, from increased levels of traveller satisfaction and productivity to the alignment of policy with corporate financial and operational objectives -- and there is a lot of room to grow."