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Travel Management

 May 07, 2007
Carlson Wagonlit Travel Launches CWT Program Management Center

 Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT), the world's second-largest travel management company, today announced the launch of the CWT Program Management Center. This global web-based tool provides travel managers and travel buyers with a central gateway for easy access to all information needed to simplify, prioritize and optimize the management of their travel program. CWT made the announcement at the Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE) Global Education Conference being held in Miami May 6-8.

The first phase of the CWT Program Management Center was delivered to clients in late April and features a multi-lingual, multi-currency reporting center dashboard. This dynamic dashboard which comprises a variety of graphs can be tailored by each client for the objectives most important to effectively manage their travel program. From the reporting center, travel managers can easily monitor key metrics and trends including market share, online booking adoption, missed hotel bookings, low fare acceptance, air spend by month/year, year-over-year average ticket price, and more. Additionally, the reporting center dashboard is the new landing page for users of CWT Discovery, the reporting tool used by CWT clients worldwide.

The reporting center dashboard allows for easy and intuitive drill-down access to the supporting data and reports for each graph, including the ability to identify exceptions to policy compliance. The reporting functionality is offered in nine languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Dutch, Swedish and Brazilian Portuguese. The multi-currency capabilities allow clients to use actual exchange rates, and/or constant conversion rates that will eliminate the effect fluctuations have on trends.

Two additional waves of enhancements will follow later this year, in July and November 2007, with the fourth and final phase concluding in the first half of 2008. Each phase will deliver additional capabilities and data integration to further streamline travel program management.

"The CWT Program Management Center simplifies the daily life of travel professionals by housing all relevant information in one place," said Loren Brown, executive vice president, Technology and Product Management. "When our clients tested the tool, they were impressed with the depth and flexibility of its content. They saw that it will save them time and money while allowing them to optimize their travel program goals."

The CWT Program Management Center will address two concerns of increasing importance to travel managers in relation to their travel programs: safety and security, and environmental reporting.

The safety and security functionality will give travel managers central access to travel alerts and traveler location reporting, allowing them to quickly identify and better serve travelers impacted by severe weather, natural disasters or travel security incidents. Alerts will include links to information on all events with a significant traveler impact over the past 24 hours. The tool's interactive mapping functionality allows users to hover over regions, countries and cities to determine the number of travelers affected. From the map, a simple click gives clients access to detailed traveler records, including flight, rail and hotel information.

The company will also integrate its post-trip carbon emissions reporting into the CWT Program Management Center, enabling clients to facilitate their carbon offsetting efforts.

When the full implementation is completed, the CWT Program Management Center will boast features and capabilities, including:

- Customized dashboard reporting to monitor trends and manage key performance metrics
- Zoom-in/zoom-out capabilities by geography, offering global, regional and country-level data: and by organizational hierarchy, including company-wide, business-unit, department-level and individual traveler data
- Seamless interface from travel alerts and incident notification to traveler location reports with global mapping functionality
- Ability to measure carbon emissions on the reporting center dashboard with supporting environmental reports
- Integration of additional data sources for reporting, including credit card, pre-ticket and profile data
- Quick links to favorite reports with one-click access
- An industry news and information center
- Improved document sharing capabilities, allowing easy access, retrieval and collaboration for CWT program managers and their clients

The CWT Program Management Center was developed exclusively by Carlson Wagonlit Travel with key contributions from the company's clients and CWT program managers.