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Travel Management

 May 07, 2007
Voyager Travel Corporation, Australia Launches "Green Travel Programme"

 Australian organisations are being urged to examine their travel patterns as awareness of climate change and global warming increases. Environmental group Greenfleet has identified travel, especially air travel, as one of the largest single contributors of CO2 to the atmosphere and whilst individual airlines gradually move to provide ways for individuals to offset the CO2 generated by a single trip, "it remains a seemingly insurmountable task for a large corporation to follow suit and offset its air travel emissions", according to Jayson Frazer, Business Development Manager for corporate agency Voyager Travel Corporation.

"In many cases, large organisations have hundreds of travellers crisscrossing the globe leaving a trail of CO2 in their wake," Frazer explains. "Whilst management struggles to deal with the financial, OH&S, risk management and traveller wellbeing issues related to workforce travel, it seems saving the environment has now been added to the list."

He notes that air travel is an integral part of doing business these days and while most corporations move to practice good corporate citizenship, offsetting the damage caused by air travel is one environmental issue that seems too complicated to tackle. To assist with this challenge, Voyager Travel Corporation has launched an industry-first "green travel programme" to free businesses from masses of traveller data and complicated CO2 offset formulae and calculations.

"The environment and the impact of air travel is a discussion we seem to be having more and more with our clients," says Frazer. "We realised that the majority of the businesses that we book travel for want to do the right thing but are unsure of where to start. Developing a 'green travel policy' is always a good first step. However, some of the attempts we've seen have had little substance. They can lead many businesses to feel good about doing something warm and fuzzy without actually making a real difference."

"After much research and consultation with industry bodies such as Greenfleet, Voyager has now launched a 'nuts and bolts' solution that facilitates our clients offsetting their CO2 emissions with very little effort or number-crunching."

Voyager's programme includes a detailed strategy and a green policy which delivers "a quantifiable positive for both the environment and our clients". Voyager Travel is not restricting its innovation to its own clients. Frazer says the company's executives feel so strongly about environmental issues that Voyager has launched a consulting team to assist any corporation in achieving the same result.

Voyager partnered with Greenfleet at the corporate travel sector's premier event, BTTB Australia. Spokesperson Virginia Simpson was encouraged by the response to her green message. "The travel industry is responsible for a significant amount of greenhouse gas emissions and it was a fantastic opportunity to be able to deliver our message to the many different sectors of the industry represented. The response was really encouraging and indicates that the industry is ready to show leadership in this area and take positive steps to help the environment," she says.