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Travel Management

 July 10, 2007
Advito Announces Expanded Air And Hotel Programme Management Tools

 Advito, an independent consulting division of BCD Travel, has announced the expansion of its hotel and air programme management services and tools for clients globally. Responding to the ever-increasing complexity of air and hotel procurement, Advito's expanded programme offering arms travel buyers with the tools to develop and manage cost-effective air and hotel programmes. The dynamic global parameters and strategic goals of today's organisations demand the tools and services to quickly identify savings opportunities, enhance performance and supplier contract management and measure industry trends against extensive benchmark analysis.

"Our clients require faster, more effective decision-making tools", says Bob Brindley, Advito vice president of Americas. "Today's business environment is information overload moving at lightspeed. At the same time, travel professionals are trying to effect strategic cost-saving actions to improve programme performance, while balancing their travellers' needs."

For greater air programme efficiency, Advito has released an enhanced Air Contract Scorecard component that will provide travel professionals with improved air programme management and measurement tools. New year-over-year data metrics, combined with graphical dashboards, will deliver more effective programme management and trending insights tools. The expanded Air Contract Scorecard tool reduces the amount of time needed to pore over statistical reports and provides easy-to-view trends by carrier, market, carrier savings, contract targets versus actual, and Quality of Service (QSI) information. The system allows clients to make better business decisions to improve cost savings realised throughout the life of the air programme.

"In the hotel programme arena, the RFP solicitation process is more complex and longer than ever before," says Mary Ellen George, general manager of Advito. "With far more detailed questions in the negotiating process about procurement, Sarbanes-Oxley, corporate social responsibility, security and data privacy, travel buyers today find the negotiating period exhausting. Hotel costs are continuing to climb in many markets and companies must have the tools to negotiate and manage their programmes effectively."

To meet these critical market needs, Advito is introducing the RFP Decision Suite, an expanded hotel procurement and management suite designed to improve the quality and efficiency of the RFP negotiation cycle. The new enhancements allow Advito experts to deliver comprehensive alternatives and solutions to clients in faster, easy to read graphical decision-making formats throughout the procurement and programme development process.

The RFP Decision Suite's enhanced offering provides travel professionals with fast, accurate decision-making information, available in advanced graphical formats and executive dashboards, from the RFP and negotiation process up through day-to-day programme management. This expanded suite of tools will provide travel professionals with the power of systematic ongoing management of global hotel programmes through the timely monitoring and analysis of hotel programme data linked to the final selections of the RFP process. The suite's key components include:

• Advito Mapping/Solicitation tool improves the quality of the solicitation lists developed at the start of the RFP process. Graphical displays of key data such as historical rates offered and paid, rate benchmarking, and other key property information are provided in an easy-to-view mapping format that facilitates faster analytical decisions. The end result is a hotel solicitation list that offers the best possible coverage in relation to key hotel stay requirements around the world.

• Advito RFP Decision Model will shorten the RFP process cycle and increase hotel programme savings by converting offers from hundreds of individual properties into simple, easy-to-understand accept -- reject -- revise recommendations based on a client-specific scoring system. The RFP Decision Model offers a unique true cost of stay calculation by the rate offered relative to a target, along with a list of amenities, converted into monetary equivalents. System recommendations conveyed through a powerful reporting interface allow easy filtering and sorting of information. Throughout the process, a note storage system captures comments by multiple decision makers regarding property offers, thereby facilitating the organisation's communication and documentation along the way.

• Savings and Compliance Reporting will provide savings, compliance and rate paid benchmarking information delivered in simple, intuitive reports through the Executive Summary Dashboard. Using programme analysis by world region, country, city, state or postal code, comprehensive drill-down reports flag programme problems and opportunities at the property level to allow objective decisions based on client-specific programme metrics.

To learn more about Advito's expanded hotel procurement and programme management tools, visit Booth No. 1630 at the NBTA International Convention in Boston, July 22 to 25 or visit: