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Travel Management

 August 17, 2007
BCD Travel Demonstrates Client Leadership In Asia Pacific

 BCD Travel, the world's third largest global travel management company, reports significant success in implementing global accounts in the Asia Pacific region. Client feedback based on extensive surveys indicates high levels of satisfaction and points directly to BCD Travel's ability to provide high levels of professional service while meeting regional and local client requirements.

Speaking for BCD Travel, Mr. Roger Pfund, general manager and vice president, Asia Pacific Operations, said, "We are especially proud of our regional service fulfillment team, which has worked closely with BCD Travel's local country operations, to implement the key service standards required by our global accounts in a region as vast and complex as Asia Pacific. As one might expect, each of our clients requires special consideration and tailoring to meet their internal cost and service specifications. We've been able to meet their needs head on by carefully developing implementation plans jointly with each client, communicating proper expectations and then supporting our country service delivery processes to help ensure success."

"We've implemented a number of major accounts since the beginning of the year," Mr. Pfund went on to say. "Traveler satisfaction surveys conducted at periodic intervals in the last seven months demonstrate that we're achieving our clients' service goals and objectives. Key to our success is our ability to react quickly and flexibly. We've not had the luxury of implementing client business at our pace and timing. In fact, we were asked to begin implementation for three major customers in late 2006, which meant we had to work closely with our local country partners during a holiday period, when key team members are often on leave. The results have been gratifying indeed, especially confirmed by objective client surveys, which demonstrate our clear leadership in implementation capability."

One of the three major clients who asked BCD Travel to be prepared to consolidate and begin servicing their business in January 2007 was Kodak, which was won globally by BCD Travel in 2006. Kodak identified eight Asia Pacific countries it wanted to implement simultaneously. Working through the last weeks of 2006, BCD Travel developed and adjusted the necessary plans to ensure readiness for start up on January 1, 2007.

Ms. Issa Isaac, regional director for service fulfillment, Asia Pacific, said, "We worked closely with Kodak's management team ahead of time to make sure we knew what we needed to do and when. We even had to start processing travel requests prior to the formal implementation date because Kodak travelers needed to finalize business trips before the Christmas holidays. We were pleased by our results as all of Kodak's eight Asia-Pacific countries started up January 1 with no major issues reported."

Said Kodak's Mr. Max Lin, purchasing lead for greater Asia region, "BCD Travel is a business partner who truly understands our needs and is devoted to delivering best-of-class service."

According to Ms. Isaac, BCD Travel in Asia Pacific has been a testing ground for clients considering doing business with the company elsewhere. "We have had one client who told us directly that they wanted to see if we could handle their newly consolidated business here in Asia first. If we could do it successfully in this complex region, their confidence level would be raised appreciably. Following a successful implementation, the client decided to begin to deploy their business with BCD Travel's Europe, Middle East and Africa region."

Ms. Isaac went on to say, "Another BCD Travel client in the United States identified six countries for a phase one test of capability. Two countries in Asia, China and Malaysia, were selected, with the positive results substantial enough to convince the client to begin expansion elsewhere in Asia."

BCD Travel continues to implement new accounts in Asia Pacific, while its sales efforts remain focused on global accounts doing business in this region, as well as large regional multinational accounts headquartered in Asia Pacific.