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Travel Management

 October 22, 2007
AirPlus And RADIUS Expand Partnership With Global Marketing Agreement

 RADIUS -- the global travel company and AirPlus International, a leading provider of global corporate travel payment solutions, announced today the signing of a global marketing agreement. RADIUS is the world's largest travel management network with 92 travel management companies in 80 countries. The agreement provides for participating RADIUS companies to refer qualified leads to AirPlus and to cooperate in marketing AirPlus' travel management products and services.

The new agreement, a global extension of the partnership struck in 2005 for US-based RADIUS travel management companies, now enables all RADIUS members to offer AirPlus Company Accounts and AirPlus Corporate Cards to clients. AirPlus provides a customizable and sophisticated travel payment tools and can consolidate travel data from around the world from a variety of sources.

Richard Crum, AirPlus International president offered: "This RADIUS partnership is a natural expansion to a working agreement we've had success with in the US. Now RADIUS agencies worldwide can benefit from the high level of data consolidation AirPlus offers."

Tony Hughes, RADIUS president and CEO commented: "RADIUS believes that it is our role to seek out the best tools for our travel companies to streamline financial and administrative processes, as well as measure performance. This agreement with AirPlus will allow our travel companies around the world to provide their clients with a truly global solution."