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 February 05, 2008
RADIUS On Course For 2008

 RADIUS -- the global travel company has announced that continued growth in 2008 is assured through successful travel agency recruitment and progress in the development of the RADIUS multinational account consolidation program. With 92 travel agencies operating from more than 4,000 branch locations in 80 countries to produce a $19 billion USD in combined sales turnover, RADIUS is one of the largest travel management companies in the world.

The new agencies who have joined RADIUS in 2007 include AAA Wrislit, Lithuania; Aktina Travel, Greece; Golden Formosa Travel Services, Taiwan; KD Travel Services, Malta; Marine Tours, Greece; New Logic, Ukraine; Omega Travel and Tours, Bahrain; Tangerine Travel (formerly ETI Travel), USA; Turisa Quito, Ecuador ; and World Travel, Inc., USA. RADIUS travel agencies commit themselves to higher-level state-of-the-practice operations and service standards including common systems, common client reporting as well as financial commitment to the operation.

The growing network of RADIUS agencies contributes directly to the progress made by the RADIUS multinational corporate sales efforts. As corporations look at consolidation across multiple regions as a method for obtaining travel management services and containing travel and entertainment costs, RADIUS responds with customer-focused programs to work with these corporations on a multinational level, including local and regional account management, executive management support, and technological, financial expertise and global supplier relations.

Guiding this successful strategy is the RADIUS Board of Directors that was elected and installed in September 2007. The members, all principals of RADIUS travel agencies are: Bob Govan, Director, Marketing and Development, Portman Travel Limited; Andreas Heimann, Managing Director, DERPART Reisevertrieb GmbH; Pesi Shavak Patel, Director, Cox and Kings (India); Brian Robertson, Chief Operating Officer, Vision 2000 Travel Group Inc.; Axel Chr. Rasmussen, Managing Director and CEO, Weco Travel International A/S; and Bill Tech, CTIE, President and CEO, Travel and Transport, Inc. Also sitting on the Board is Allan G. Slan, RADIUS Interim President and CEO.

Slan, commenting on the strong RADIUS performance offered: "We are pleased with our success as we go into 2008. Our strategy for building awareness and gaining market-share has enabled us to not only position RADIUS to meet current business requirements, but also will to deliver the performance and capacity we'll need in the future. Even with the current economic situation we are confident that we will enhance the value we offer our stakeholders, including our corporate clients, the RADIUS travel agencies that serve them, and the suppliers with whom we partner."