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 February 18, 2008
GlobalStar Travel Management and In Co-operation

 Meetings and groups travel portal to be used by GlobalStar partners globally, to search and book hotels and so called destination management companies (DMC's). The GlobalStar travel agency partner network represents 663 offices in 56 countries with US$ 4 billion plus in turnover.

A Great Win For GlobalStar Partners And Their Customers

Mark van Iersel, Regional Manager EMEA at GlobalStar Travel Management said: "It is a great win for the GlobalStar partners and their customers worldwide. Some of our partners already use to find suitable suppliers for client meetings, delivering instant time and cost savings to all parties involved. In fact it was also from one of our European partners that I first learned about".

"Formalizing our co-operation with we now have in place, an implementation plan for all GlobalStar partners to start use of - to search and find suitable suppliers, but also to be listed on as DMC suppliers. This is one of the unique features of, that business travel agencies like GlobalStar partners, not only can use to find suppliers, but also to receive business requests themselves, for meetings and groups from other travel agencies".

75% growth 2008 vs. 2007

Mikkel Madsen, Managing Director at, said: "The high quality of GlobalStar partners and their US$4 billion in buying power is a great win for hotel and DMC suppliers on We already experience a 75% growth in business requests sent to suppliers on 2008 vs. 2007. Our co-operation with GlobalStar will add significantly to our growth".

"Since late 2007 hotel and DMC suppliers in America has started to join Our co-operation with GlobalStar has also already resulted in first business completed with GlobalStar partners in America. America is one of our focus markets in 2008 -- both in terms of incoming business to American hotels and DMC's, but also as a key feeder market to suppliers in Europe and other world on"