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 May 06, 2008
Pegasus Solutions Goes Green For FCm Travel

 Pegasus Solutions has reached an agreement with corporate travel and expense management consultancy FCm Travel Solutions to provide a direct deposit banking facility for Australia and New Zealand travel agencies using Pegasus Commission Processing services.

As a result, not only will Pegasus reduce agent waits for payments from two weeks to next-day, but will also greatly diminish the carbon footprint of payments by eliminating check printing and delivery. The arrangement also reduces or eliminates fees and potential for errors. This direct benefit to agents is important to FCm, which regularly processes thousands of Pegasus hotel commission records each month, according to Stephen O'Dwyer, Corporate Implementation Leader of FCm Travel Solutions.

"Time is money for our agents, which means the more time-efficient and cost-effective we can make commission payments, the better," said O'Dwyer. "By combining Pegasus' direct credit payment system and weekly electronic transaction file, we've taken better to 'best'. As we receive both the transaction file and funds credited to our bank every Wednesday, we can confidently allocate resources each Thursday with no guesswork about timing or reliability of the mail, and fewer bank fees for multiple deposits or currency exchanges."

While already the leader in commission processing, Pegasus Solutions continues to up the ante with services like the Asia-Pacific direct deposit banking facility to keep up with the demands of the global travel industry and the more earth-friendly agent, added Mark S. Dubrow, Pegasus president of financial services.

"Given the sheer volume of commissions we process with FCm each month, this is truly a breakthrough in terms of ease of use and improved efficiency for the client and the environment," said Dubrow. "This facility will allow agents in Australia and New Zealand using Pegasus Commission Processing to receive commissions more quickly, with greater reliability and minimal damage to the environment."

Pegasus Commission Processing streamlines commission payments for hotels and suppliers, and facilitates collections for travel agents, processing more than $500 million in commissions each year. Offering agents regularly scheduled, consolidated payments in their preferred currency, Pegasus provides commission services to more than 35,000 properties, as well as the majority of the world's travel agencies and travel distributors in more than 200 countries.