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 June 16, 2008
The Anvil Group Urges Corporate Travellers Safety During The Olympics

 The Anvil Group, a specialist in crisis avoidance services, today issues a warning to businesses hosting corporate events at the Chinese Olympics starting on third of August. The Olympics have already caused severe security considerations during the Olympic Torch relay and the ceremonies have received several terrorist threats. All businesses hosting corporate events at the Olympics are advised to implement a stringent risk and vulnerability assessment.

Spread across 31 sites, the Olympics are promising to be a spectacle, cementing China's position as a modern society. There are a number of issues that may affect employee's health, safety and wellbeing in China. Travellers and corporates should be aware of local laws and customs, as well as making sure that evacuation plans and incident response plans have been communicated effectively. If employees are in the care of a corporate host they must ensure that the appropriate due diligence has been completed and they are satisfied that the duty of care is being demonstrated. These are concerns corporations need to address when planning a corporate event at the Olympics.

"Not only do organisations need to be aware of security issues, they need to be informed and up-to-date on how to manage large groups of people. There is always a higher risk of exposure to incidents when attending high profile events," warns The Anvil Group's Director, Matthew Judge. "Travellers should also get accustomed with local traditions and culture before travelling and make sure they have left copies of all documents such as passports with the office. They should familiarise themselves of the locations where the games are held."

The Olympics have already drawn worldwide criticism and often-violent mass demonstrations during the Olympic Torch relay. There have also been reports of potential terrorist attacks during the games. With businesses looking to host and being invited to a number of corporate events, it is of paramount importance that corporations are aware of safety issues. By utilising technologies, such as The Anvil Group's Travel Risk Intelligence System (TRIS) and Employee Travel Monitoring Solution (ETMS), organisations have a central source for incidents that might have an impact on traveller's safety.

TRIS provides organisations with the following benefits:

• Global incident mapping
• SMS Alerts
• City Briefings
• Proximity Awareness Alerts
• Reports Wizard
• Worldwide Event Monitoring & Reporting 24/7
• Country specific threat level support
• Severe Weather Monitoring & Alerting
• Government & Embassy Warnings
• Travel Advice
• Government Country Profiles
• Embassy & Airline Database

Anvil Group's ETMS provides:

• Air, rail and hotel only reservations
• Pre, active and archive trip database
• Document library for centralised storage of critical information
• Data held outside the Global Distribution System
• Inbuilt email and SMS alert system
• Audit trail of communications
• Automated pre-trip travel briefings for travellers
• Secure client access via internet browser
• Client filtering by account number

"The organisers are expecting 150 million foreign tourists to visit China during the time of the Olympics, which is a 14% increase from 2007," says Judge. "By utilising solutions such as our TRIS and ETMS, businesses organising corporate events at the Olympics have all country specific as well as the safety and security information at their finger tips and ensures that corporations do everything in their power to keep employees out of harms way."