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Travel Management

 September 04, 2008
The Anvil Group Issues Advice In Light Of The Bangkok Crisis

 The Anvil Group, a specialist in crisis avoidance services, today issues advice to businesses with travellers in, or en-route to Bangkok in light of the recent unrest and demonstrations between pro and anti government groups. The recently imposed state of emergency highlights the importance of travel safety policies and due diligence prior to and during any business trip. During critical events such as political unrest or war, businesses need to execute their safety and risk management plans with precision.

Businesses need to make sure that their travel safety and crisis response policies are up to date and tested on a regular basis, to ensure that each policy works when executed. During high profile incidents of civil unrest such as the state of demonstrations and state of emergency declared in Bangkok, it is of paramount importance that businesses have access to the latest intelligence as well as information on those employees who might be affected by the situation.

"The riots in Bangkok can place employees in harms way and it is important that businesses ensure that any employees already at the location are kept up to date with the latest developments to enable them to stay safe," said The Anvil Group Director, Matthew Judge. "Situations like this highlight the importance of carrying out appropriate travel risk assessments prior to the trip and constantly monitoring employee travel itineraries in order to ensure their continued health and safety."

Using solutions such as The Anvil Group's Employee Travel Monitoring System (ETMS) and Travel Risk Intelligence Service (TRIS), businesses are able to pinpoint areas of high risk as well as employees who are on location, en-route or due to travel to the region. During times where employees may be in danger, businesses need to maintain a constant flow of communication either via SMS messaging, telephone or e-mail to ensure that the employees are up to date on the developments and possible evacuation procedures.

"Our main advice to travellers on location is to stay aware of any opportunistic crime and to steer clear of any areas affected by violence in order to ensure they are not inadvertently caught up in it," adds Judge. "It's also important to warn travellers already in, or en-route to Bangkok, to abide by the rules imposed as a result of the state of emergency, for example moving in groups of less than five to reduce the risk of attracting unwanted attention from local law enforcement agencies."